Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birchbox: I'm In!

I know, I must be thinking "you're late to this party, Lori". Believe me, I already know! ha! But now I'm on the bandwagon and I like it! 

Many of my blogger friends have been talking about Birchbox for months, and I recently decided to get on the waiting list and join the party. When my August box arrived, I was thrilled with the contents and wanted to show you everything I received. 

For August, Birchbox contents had a "beauty school" theme in honor of the back to school season. My box included DDF Brightening Cleanser (which I plan to give away, as I only use a specific brand of cleanser). It also included LiQWd Professional Volumizing Catalyst, which I used on my hair yesterday and loved. This is something I might purchase in a full size version. 

The Dr. Jart+ Waterfuse Beauty Balm is a multi purpose product that includes a SPF25. I might try it on one of those days that I don't plan to leave the house and am not wearing any makeup! :-) The new fragrance sample, which was Juicy Couture's "Viva la Juicy La Fleur", was the WINNER in this box. I absolutely love the scent and will definitely want to purchase the full size version at some point. 

The "Lifestyle Extra" in my Birchbox was a sample of the Larabar. These are advertised as "wholesome bars brain fuel, packed with fruits and nuts". The bar was pretty good, but they are $9 for a pack of just five bars. I think that's a little high, and can find better deals on nutritional bars any given day at my local Publix. 

I will say this: the products you receive for a $10 monthly subscription to Birchbox are well worth the money. If you love trying new beauty products, you will love Birchbox! Don't be like me, and wait too long to get on board. When I signed up, I was on a waiting list for a few weeks before my subscription kicked in. If you're interested, you might want to sign up soon. You can cancel at any time (which I love) and it's just FUN! Who doesn't love receiving a box of goodies in the mail once a month? 

Sign up to get your own personal Birchbox subscription HERE. I know you'll love it!  

Have you tried Birchbox? What are your thoughts? Remember you can always give away or donate any products you receive and don't want to try - that's what I'll be doing! 


  1. I love Birchbox. I've been getting it for a year now. The samples are perfect for traveling!

  2. Agreed - I love Birchbox. I can usually get $5 or so selling samples I don't want on ebay so that's an option too to recover some cost if you aren't thrilled with everything.


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