Monday, September 10, 2012

Quit Your Job, Buy A Ticket, Get A Tan, Fall In Love, Never Return: Island Company Brightens Up A Monday!

Doesn't that sound like a dream on a Monday morning? Who doesn't want to quit their job, buy a ticket to paradise, get a tan in paradise, fall in love (quite possibly again with the same person you already love!), and never return? The folks at Island Company are making it easy for us to at least act like that's what we're doing everyday! 

I recently discovered Island Company and love all of their products! They are headquartered in West Palm Beach (not a surprise, huh?). Island Company is a focused lifestyle brand featuring women's and men's apparel, accessories, sun care, and lots of fun things. The brand is a perfect match to our lifestyle here on the Alabama Gulf Coast. 

Today, I will be sporting the Quit Your Job Tervis Tumbler on my desk at work. Think everyone will understand that I'm not happy to be working on a Monday? HA! You can get yours HERE on their website. 
The folks at Island Company were kind enough to send me a few products to review and introduce to my readers (see the first photo). My DH grabbed one of the Tervis Tumblers and he's currently using it while traveling for work in South Carolina. The other one will stay on my desk. :-) 

There are many other items available in the Quit Your Job line, you can see the full collection HERE. I'm also loving the long sleeve tee in Navy, and want one of these for fall and winter. Many of the tees are currently on backorder, but this one is available HERE
As many of you already know, I am constantly on the hunt for quality suncare items. My requirements are simple: easy to use (no strange bottles, nozzles, sprayers, etc), available in a variety of SPF options (the SPF we use depends on the time of year and the depth of our tans), and they must smell fantastic. The smell is a HUGE thing for me. 

DH and I have tested the Local and Islander versions of the suncare from Island Company. We are absolutely in LOVE with both of them. The Local-Dark Tanning Oil doesn't have any sunscreen, so it's intended for those who already have a deep base tan. Words cannot express how amazing this smells - the scent is called "Coco Love" - and love it, we do!  It's available on the Island Company website HERE

The Islander-Dark Tanning Lotion has SPF6 and I have been using it on my morning walks/runs. The scent is named "Colada Recipe" and it also smells amazing. The lotion is very moisturizing and even after showering and exercising, my skin still feels and smells great. This is perfect for those who have a base tan or plan to spend a short period of time in the sun. It's also available on the Island Company website HERE
Don't forget - there are also suncare products available in SPF15 and SPF30 - they are named Traveler and Tourist, respectively. You can see the full line of suncare from Island Company HERE

I love all of their products, and plan to use my Quit Your Job Tervis Tumbler and Islander SPF6 lotion every day this week! If you're looking for something fun to use on your late summer or resort vacation, be sure to check out Island Company. You will NOT be disappointed! 

What do you think about the Island Company products? I wish I could translate the smell of the suncare through my computer screen so you could also be transported to a tropical locale this Monday morning! :-) 

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