Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Michigan vs. Alabama in Cowboys Stadium

Wow - the Bama game at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday night was such a blast! Thank goodness we started the new season with a win over Michigan (41-14). The experience of seeing this game from Cowboys Stadium (AKA Jerry's House) was amazing. It far exceeded all of my expectations. 

I attended the game with my Father and sister (DH out of town for work and my Mother couldn't leave town because she is tasked as my Nanny's caregiver). We took lots of pictures before, during and after the game...here we are about 2 hours before game time. 
My uncle had a special request. He wanted us to bring him a game program - of course, we were happy to pick up an extra! 
We also enjoyed margaritas during the game - they were "only" $16 each! Yes, I said EACH. Hey, at least we got to keep the glass. Here is my margarita with my new Lilly Pulitzer Tusk Tusk Cuff. I was thrilled when my sister gave me this cuff for my birthday, as it's a very difficult piece to find! 
My sister also enjoyed a few margaritas...
Alabama and Michigan were both very well represented; there were tons of fans from each school. If I had to guess, I would say there were definitely more Alabama fans in the crowd, but the numbers had to be very close. Matter of fact, this game set a new attendance record for a college football game at Cowboys Stadium. 90,413 people. 
In case you didn't notice, I wore my new Ruth Dress from Tracy Negoshian (available HERE). I also carried my Red Cork Clutch bag from Diana E. Kelly (available HERE). I had soooo many people ask about my dress and clutch, it was unbelievable. Actually, more men than women asked about my dress. One man (who might have had a few too many of the $16 margaritas) said "that dress is sexy". I thought his wife was going to pop him, haha! 
At the end of the evening, the scoreboard told the story: Bama Wins. 
Did you enjoy the first weekend of college football? I hope your team was victorious! 

P.S. Tune in tomorrow for some of the shopping we encountered in Dallas - including my fall purchases from the Lilly Pulitzer store! 


  1. Since hubby and I didn't have tickets to the game,we went to an Alabama football party with friends.What a wonderful game! Makes me so happy just thinking that we might be headed for #15 in Jan!! By the way,you looked fab in your dress! I am soooo jealous!!! The cuff is dazzling.Your sister did great!!!Have a lovely week.

  2. That dress really IS sexy! What a fun night, and you and your sister both look fabulous. :)

  3. You are absolutely adorbs, as always!


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