Saturday, September 15, 2012

Salt Water Saturday: Gameday Treats in Tuscaloosa

Last Saturday, we attended Alabama's first home game of the season. Going to Tuscaloosa for the games is always a blast, but we tend to do the same things and go to the same places almost every week we're in town. Last week, we made an effort to hit downtown Tuscaloosa before the game - and we were not disappointed! 

If you are in Tuscaloosa at any point during the season, and you need something to wear, be sure to visit The Shirt Shop. They are on Greensboro Avenue, and carry a wide variety of preppy brands you will love. Looking for Vineyard Vines gear with the Alabama logo? They have it here! Elizabeth McKay, Alice & Trixie and Joie are other ladies staples in this Tuscaloosa Tradition. The Shirt Shop also has a wide variety of men's merchandise, including the Vineyard Vines Alabama gear. 

I was thrilled to find this elephant scarf. It is manufactured exclusively for The Shirt Shop, so of course I had to buy one. I needed more game day wardrobe options because it's a long season!   
The scarf is a great year round weight and measures approx. 45" x 65". You can view it on The Shirt Shop website HERE and can also keep up with the store events on their Facebook page HERE. What a steal for $60, huh?
While walking back to the car, we noticed Sweets Cupcakes. I will admit, I am a sucker for a cupcake and love admiring the artistry that goes into creating each one. Naturally, we had to check it out. And WOW - the folks here were so friendly, and the cupcakes so tempting. 

Thankfully, common sense kicked in and we only purchased one cupcake EACH. :-) I selected the Crimson Pride - rich red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. It was amazing. The red velvet cake was so moist and delicious, and the icing - oh my goodness! 
My parents were torn about which ones they wanted - so they ended up with a Crimson Pride and Alabama Snow. They both tasted each other's cupcakes and loved them! 
You can find Sweets Cupcakes on Facebook HERE - I just noticed on their Facebook page, they also sell birthday cakes! And the cakes look gorgeous in the pictures, I imagine they are delish as well! 

If you make it to Tuscaloosa for a game this year, you might want to head downtown for a bit and stop in The Shirt Shop and Sweets for all your game day treats! I know you'll enjoy both places, for different reasons! 

Do you have any Tuscaloosa recommendations for me? I'd love to hear from you! 

p.s. We won - this picture was taken at mid-field right before the game started. 


  1. I went to Sweets when I was in Tuscaloosa this summer and absolutely loved it! I love how they make it right in front of you, and they are the best! The Shirt Shop is so amazing and the staff is so helpful! The Locker Room, Expeditions, and Buffalo Phil's are all great! XO

  2. I live in Tuscaloosa... Make a stop at Hokkaido on 15th street! It just opened back up after the tornado and it's amazing! Right in front of there is Midtown Village. Alumni Hall is all Bama gear and Bama fever is there, too!


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