Friday, December 18, 2009

LORAC Cosmetics - VIP Discounts

Finally....time to talk about cosmetics for a bit! I LOVE LOVE LOVE buying new makeup. I buy WAY too much makeup, skin care, hair products, etc. but I can't help myself. I mean let's face it - we all look better with a little "help". Natural beauty is great, but natural beauty enhanced with the proper products, now that is fabulous!

If you haven't tried the LORAC Cosmetics line, you really should. The line is generally available in Sephora stores nationwide. You can also purchase it directly from the LORAC website (this is my preferred method).

On their website, be sure to check out the "Collections" and "VIP Discount" tabs. There are some awesome deals to be had, and they change frequently. Sometimes the "VIP" section will be discounted as much as 75%, and the "Collections" (or sets) are usually priced at 50-75% off their retail value. One of my favorites is the Lip Polish. This is lip gloss in a petite bottle that looks like nail polish. My favorite color is the "Bliss", but they're all wonderful.

If you still have stocking stuffers or small gifts to purchase, this is a great place to check. Go HERE to see all the goodies!

I can't wait to hear what you think! Happy Shopping!


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