Baby, It's Hot Outside!

Sun with waves of sunlight radiating outward

Happy Monday everyone! Oh my goodness -- it is so HOT here! Yesterday I took my nephew over to the beach - just so he could see it, as we couldn't have our normal "beach party". The sand was literally burning the bottoms of our feet!

The wind is just barely blowing. It's 94 degrees with humidity in the 85-90% range, creating a heat index of 105-109. I'm showering two or three times a day. If you just walk outside, you feel like you need a shower! Crazy - considering it's still June - and technically not "summer" yet! At least according to the calendar...

How is your weather? Stay cool today - and don't forget to use SPF! :-)


  1. I know how you feel! It's horrible already in Dallas. I break a sweat just walking through the parking lot into the store. It's been in the 90's with a few 100 degree days. I'm not looking forward to July- that's when it's hottest here. I hope you find a way to stay cool! :)

  2. Wow, how crazy! We've been relatively cool and comfortable. Slight humidity but haven't had the AC on in weeks. That's Connecticut for you cool one day and hot and steamy the next!

  3. It's been crazy hot here in Kentucky too! Of course the office has the AC cranked on high so I have to wear a sweater inside! Craziness!

  4. We are at the beach too... and the heat index is 107 degrees. The humidity is so hot, it's like breathing pudding.

  5. It really has been BRUTAL here in FLorida ... and I have been at 2 day lacrosse tournaments for the past 2 weekends, with one more to go! Unbelievably HOT & HUMID!!!!

  6. Hey sweet Lori, hope you're doing well and not melting away down there! How's your hubby doing? I am going to email you this week, pending on some news, some friends of ours are *fingers crossed* moving back down South to the greater Mobile area. If he is awarded the job, there may be some opportunities for your DH - parent company is GE, great benefits, etc. I will be in touch soon I promise! Hope you're enjoying the pool, sending you a hug, hope the oil is not so bad this week. Lisa tells me the clean up crews are on it the second it washes to the shore. xoxox


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