Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The First, The Last and The Only

Happy Wednesday, Shopaholics! Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend and is now fully recovered. :-)

As you all know, we went to my parent's home on Dauphin Island, AL. The hubby is on vacation this week and we'd planned fishing trips for Monday and Tuesday - then planned to spend the rest of the week on our lovely beach here in Gulf Shores, AL. What is it they say about "the best laid plans"? Yeah that didn't work out so well...the oil spill had other ideas.

We did make a quick fishing trip on Monday. Me, DH, Dad, BIL and my 5 year old nephew Jake went redfishing. This was just a short run for us and normally when fishing for this type, we don't keep any redfish we catch. (DH and I are big into conservation - our rule is don't keep what you won't eat or weigh in a tournament). The fishing trip was my nephew's first trip "out" that far. I'm pleased to report that Jake and I both caught redfish.

While out fishing, we heard from another boat that the waters had been closed to fishing for the next day. This bummed us out - as it meant we would miss the start of red snapper season on Tuesday - AND that oil was very close to our shores. As a result, we kept two redfish on Monday. It seems they will be the only fish we catch this season.

Until BP gets the leak plugged (which BTW, I have zero confidence in their ability to do so), this oil will continue to hit our shores. The fishing waters - and probably the beaches very soon - will continue to be closed. Wildlife will continue dying. The entire food chain is going to suffer extreme consequences. Businesses are going to close. Tourism will be devastated - who is going to come visit the beach when it is covered in oil and they can't swim?

How sad is it that I caught my first, my last and my only fish of the summer in one trip? And how long will it be before we can fish again? Will Jake be 6 years old? 8 years old? 15 years old?

And what in the world am I going to do with myself - and the DH - if we can't enjoy the waters and beaches around here? I like to tell folks that we don't take vacations, because our lifestyle here IS a vacation. Is this the story that we tell children in 20, 30, 40 years?

"We used to have fun on these waters, until April 2010, when there was this huge oil spill".....

Jake & BIL

Me & DH


  1. Reading this post makes me so sad for the owners of business in the area affected and those who will be affected in the future. This is just terrible!!!

  2. Still can't believe how much this oil spill is going to affect so many people and animals! So so sad.

  3. So incredibly sad! I had plans to spend 2 weeks in Orange Beach in July so I'm watching this closely for that selfish reason but also I love the gulf coast beaches! So sorry!

  4. This is so bittersweet. That you caught a fish, but it's the last. The oil spill is just a diaster, for wildlife, for businesses, for so many parties involved. :-(

  5. Love the picture of the huge fish you caught!
    Sad for the disaster that is the oil spill.
    Just hoping they don't try to drill off our coast (VA)! I see the news on the oil spill and think of you and Bumpkin and am sad. Prayers that the oils stops sooner than later.

  6. i love your blog! you have such great little pieces in here. stories on my blog got too long....i'm in limbo. i also started which is really fun for me, with my retail back round.

    i feel for you and everyone down on the gulf.
    i am so sad about all of this oil catastrophe news and still fell like there's more cover up than reality. a friend from high school is a tug boat captain. he's down there now for clean up. that is really scary to me that these guys can get so sick and they have no clothing/protection provided!

  7. I think of you every morning as they report on the spill on GMA. Totally heartbreaking. Keep us updated and we'll keep you in our prayers...XXOO

  8. This makes me so sad... Your posts bring it so close to home and make it so much more real than just what is on the news. We are just waiting for it to travel up the Gulf Stream in to our Atlantic waters.

    But I DO know you are pretty proud of that great big catch!


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