Saturday, June 12, 2010

What A Difference A Day Makes......Oil Spill Update

Happy Saturday, my friends! The oil spill situation got a little bit worse here in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, AL yesterday. The thick, nasty, chocolate pudding looking stuff has arrived.  I knew it was big trouble when we received the following email from the condo owners association:

Special Edition - Bad News about the Oil Spill

Friday, June 11, 2010

DAY 53 of the Oil Spill

We are very disappointed to report that suddenly, today, the beach has become covered with dark oil. The oil looks like old motor oil and has the faint smell of oil. The consistency of the oil goes from a liquid to globs. We had hoped that we would only have globs of oil which would stay on the surface of the sand instead of liquid oil which penetrates the sand.

There are no birds or other animals in the water or on the beach. The oil droplets seem to be mixed into the top layer of the Gulf water and the oil extends as a dark mass as far as you can see in all directions. No doubt the tide will carry the oil all the way to the tide line over night. All of the water is cloudy with oil and you cannot reach the water's edge without stepping in the oil. There is no place to swim.

There are no booms off shore. The clean up workers on the beach are wasting their time until the spill quits moving ashore. Once the amount of oil coming ashore is reduced, it should be fairly easy to clean up the beach. Of course, liquid oil is more difficult to clean up than globs of dried oil. The beach machines will have to sift deeper into the sand and there will be much more sand to haul away. I don't see the need to have the beach crews picking up globs of oil until the machines do their work later.

If you are headed to Gulf Shores, plan to use the pools and lagoon and enjoy the seafood in the restaurants. The seafood at Gulf Shores is not contaminated and it is safe to eat. There still is plenty of it. It is unlikely that "sitting on the beach" will be a destination for a while. Oil also has been reported at Orange Beach and in Wolf Bay (Perdido Pass).

Much to my chagrin, you can find us at the pool today! I'm trying to look at the bright side - at least the pool is an option, right? Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Oh Lori, I am so sorry. I hope that that you enjoy your day at the pool. Hopefully, the winds will change and things will soon improve for you. It must be so stressful to see this happening on a day to day basis.

  2. This is devastating. You need a big umbrella drink. We're praying and encouraging people to find businesses on the gulf to support. Do you have any you love that might be able to sell things over the internet?

  3. I am teary right now... truly a disaster for all of you. I am so confused and perplexed and in shock over it all. I can't even imagine being there. We are just waiting for the Gulf Stream to carry it over to our beaches too.

    How is DH doing?

  4. Lori just talking about you this morning with my husband as we watched the news. We discussed volunteering to help with the cleanup. Will discuss at church tomorrow. Praying for you. We are also wondering how long to it gets to our precious Kiawah Island.

  5. That is so sad. I am sending lots of prayers from the North.

  6. I just hate that this is happening!

  7. Make me so mad that they haven't figured out how to fix this issue! So sad!

    Anyway, Stop on over I have a blog award waiting for you on my blog!

    ~ PLD

  8. The oil spill continues to disgust me. :-( So sorry it's affecting your life like this!!

    On a happier note, I love your blog and I'm so excited to have found it!! Adorable!

  9. devastating... sad.... tragic... horrific... this never should have happened. I'm so sorry...

  10. Damnit it suck doesn't it? You're making the best of it at the pool you sun goddess you!


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