Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Pair Tree - How Cute Is This?

Happy Tuesday, Shopaholics! Hope you're having a great start to the week. It's soooo hot here I just want to stay inside, in the AC.

Today I want to introduce you to one of the cutest - and useful! - products I have seen in a long time! Shopaholics - meet My Pair Tree! My Pair Tree is a one-of-a-kind hanging shoe rack that holds six pairs of your favorie flip flops or sandals. 

I met the creator of this product - Mary Ellen - through Facebook. When she offered to send My Pair Tree my way to try, I was thrilled. Let's face it - I have a lot of stuff, and I'm always looking for a way to organize that stuff. I am literally swimming in flip flops over here. :-)

This is very easy to use - you can place it on a hanger in your closet or display from a hook on a wall or door. Personally I prefer the back of the door method, as it keeps everything in plain sight. I've found if I can't see my goodies, I don't really use them.

One thing I figured out from testing this product - you can use it to hang anything! I had been searching for a way to display and store my Lilly Pulitzer Murfee scarves, but I hated the idea of folding them and putting away in a drawer. So this product is a perfect solution! My Murfees are now displayed using a My Pair Tree! :-)

My Pair Tree comes in a huge variety of ribbon choices to match your personal style. Hello, preppy pink and green for this Shopaholic! :-) If you're looking for a storage solution for shoes, scarves, lightweight handbags, you might want to consider My Pair Tree. I plan to stock up!

Check out the website HERE. There is also a Facebook fan page HERE, where you can stay up to date on specials, new products, etc.

Enjoy and have a Terrific Tuesday!


  1. That is one great idea, thanks for the tip! And may your Tuesday also be terrific!

  2. How nifty! I need a few of these to store all my stuff!

  3. So adorable I just ordered one (maybe I should have ordered three or four)! I hate having all my flip flops all over the place; and never being able to find the mate!
    Thanks for this great new product.

  4. I love it! Definitely considering getting one since I have a ridiculous amount of sandals.

  5. so cute and so needed for this Southern girl! Flip flops are def. must for me.

    How's the ocean over there?

  6. Thanks, I could certainly use one if not a couple of these!!

  7. Okay...I just placed an order for one! Thanks!!

  8. Hi Shopaholic,
    I work with the owner of My Pair Tree and wanted to thank you for the post. Maybe I'm biased, but I think it's a great product too. :)---Laurie


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