Beach Essentials...

Happy Monday everyone! Today I thought it would be fun to show you everything that we considered "essential" for yesterday's beach fun. Yes there was oil at the beach, but we stayed far away from it all. We didn't get in the water at all, as a "swimming advisory" was posted.

What are your beach essentials? Do you use any of the same goodies? Am I the only one who puts an 85 on her face and an 8 on her body? HAHA. That new Hawaiian Tropic "Dry Oil" is fantastic! Additionally, the "Maui Babe" can be hard to find, but it's so worth it! Be sure to use sunscreen underneath on sensitive areas, or use alone in areas that are already VERY tan. (I like to use this on my feet). The Shiseido powder has been discontinued (booooooo) but you should be able to find everything else at Walgreens or CVS.

Happy Sunning!

p.s. My nose is still burnt - what's up with that!?!? Even the 85 Neutrogena or the 45 with zinc oxide doesn't work! Any suggestions? Help!!!


  1. You are so funny! I keep myself covered with high SPF sunscreen b/c the sun is STRONG here in Florida! Despite tons of sunscreen, we still have five brown babies! Ha!

  2. Ooh I am obsessed with the Australian Gold!! I feel like it helps me get so tan!

  3. I always have an incredibly high SPF on my face and a much lower one on the rest of my body. Don't want any wrinkles!!

  4. You are a professional sunner! LOL, you have an arsenal of products.

  5. I'm terrible... SPF of 15 unless the sun is super hot. Need my magazines, books, iPod, iced tea... with all that life is perfection. I'm sorry you have to stay out of the water... It's neither right nor fair. Hugs my friend... my heart is breaking for you and everyone else immediately affected by this devastating catastrophe. Come stop by my blog... my latest post will put a huge smile on your face... yours and every Lilly Lover everywhere!

  6. Thanks for the tips - I've never used Australian Gold - I am going to look for that today. I do love an "accelerator" which you can find at tanning salons and - imagine - Wal-mart. Love it all.

  7. Where did you find that great cupholder for the sand?! I've knocked over way too many drinks on the beach. I'm the same way with sunscreen on face & body~ I just found my thigh is peeling now from Memorial Day.

  8. I am the same way! I slather it on my face, and use very little (if any at all) on my body! LOL!

    Is that a Bare Minerals lipgloss in there? What color is it?

    BTW- I just can't believe there aren't any magazines, books, or an iPod/radio in this picture! How can you sun yourself without them?


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