Friday, June 10, 2011

Fearless Fitness Friday: What's Your Motivation?

TGIF, Shopaholics! Aren't you glad it's Friday? I'm so excited for the weekend - DH arrived home yesterday and we have lots of fun planned. We are going to enjoy the time he's home - even if it's too short!

Today I'm starting a new series called "Fearless Fitness Friday". Each week I will blog about a fitness topic. The topics could range from motivation, different types of exercise/classes, fitness clothing and accessories, healthy recipes, etc. I'm hoping this will be a way for us to all share what is (or isn't!) working for us - and help keep me honest about my fitness goals. I hope you enjoy!

What's your fitness motivation? Maybe it's the clothes in your closet that don't fit? Maybe you don't like the way you look in the mirror? Perhaps you are battling a health issue and need to get healthy again? Do you want to be more physically attractive to your spouse or significant other? Or maybe you want to reach that certain weight "number" again and then have some plastic surgery? Many of us are motivated by a new procedure - especially new boobies and tummy tucks.

I've learned that everyone who is "into" fitness has their own reasons - and I say, whatever works. :-) My current motivation: I don't like how I look in the mirror. I haven't liked it in a very long time. I know my weight isn't helping my female problems and that needs to change and it needs to change now.

I am very thankful the DH loves me for who I am - and hasn't ever said one.word. to me about my weight. He has seen me wear at least 4 different dress sizes in the 18 years we've been together (dating and marriage). And the funny thing? I've never been pregnant and never had children - so I don't have that excuse for my weight fluctuations. I really have no excuse.

Mind you - I was never a "skinny minnie" and always had to work hard to be happy with my body. Many times in my life, I have gone to extreme measures to lose weight and gain physical fitness. I can remember eating less than 1000 calories every day, working out for two hours a day, six days a week - and still wearing a size 8. Or doing something silly like the "three day diet" (don't ask - some of you probably know the plan I'm talking about).

This time is going to be different. It may take a year, but I will get back to a healthy and happy place with this body. My motivation? I want to like my body again. Period. I'm doing this for me.

And hey, maybe I will want a tummy tuck and new boobies. You never know! :-)

Please share your motivation, I'd love to hear what keeps you going!

p.s. Did you know that for every 1 pound you lose - 4 pounds of pressure is taken off your knees? An astounding fact!


  1. My main motivation right now - not to be old and broken down stuck in a wheelchair. Not able to stand up on blown out knees and feet.

  2. I am an avid runner. My motivation to run is knowing that I am choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle and all of the many benefits that come from making a lifestyle change! I feel better and stronger than I ever have before! That one moment of crossing the finish line at a race is such a sense of accomplishment and helps me realize all of my hard work has really paid off! Exercising and being healthy can be tons of fun!

  3. I really like having some structure/scheduling in my life, and I've planned my life around workouts for so long that now I don't know any other way to be! I love to eat, which is also a motivator. :) I want to instill good habits in myself now, in my 20s, so that when I'm older and things don't snap back so easily, I'm already in the workout groove.

    I'm a total gymrat ho and will try any class, anywhere if it sounds like fun! I used to only workout on my own, but once I started doing classes, I've never looked back. Love the company and the accountability. Lately I've been enjoying hot power/vinyasa yoga classes (I know, craziness since it's already so hot in the South), and any kind of barre/pilates class like Pure Barre or Core Fusion.

    If I workout too often or too intensely, I end up just making myself hungrier and then I gain weight so it's definitely a balancing act. :)


  4. I'm a big fan of eating small meals multiple times a day - that way you don't end up eating lots at the end of the day....also, if you have cute gym clothing, it inspires you to want to go to the gym!


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