Saturday, June 11, 2011

Salt Water Saturday: Deep Sea Fishing

Happy Saturday!

Welcome to my first "Salt Water Saturday" post. All summer I will be bringing you lots of fun posts about how we are entertaining ourselves here on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Today we are going deep sea fishing, approximately 20-30 miles offshore. As you know, our fishing was cut extremely short last summer due to the BP oil spill. We feel like we have a lot of making up to do and plan to get started on it today! :-)

Last night we bait fished off the pier (live bait is always better than dead bait - although we have dead bait too), put gas in the boat (120 gallons - that hurt!), made lunches and iced down the drinks.

We had a satisfying dinner of royal reds, boiled corn, new potatoes and cold beer. Can't go fishing on an empty stomach, after all...

DH fishing for bait, Dauphin Island bridge in the background. He didn't even know I took this one!

Even I fished for bait - rest assured though, I was the only person around here wearing full jewelry, a Lilly skort, Lilly top and Jack Rogers sandals.

Now I'm working on a good night's sleep as 5am is really, really, really early. Here's hoping we have another photo to share like the one at the top of the post! It was taken last October when the fishing waters opened again after the oil spill.

Have a safe and fabulous weekend, and hope you enjoy Salt Water Saturday! Please let me know your thoughts!


  1. So happy that your waters are safe enough to fish in again! Wonderful! There is nothing better than fish freshly caught... Nothing... ok, well something ;) LOL! xoxo

  2. Have fun fishing! Enjoy your weekend:)

  3. That boil looks delicious and I love your pink fishing pic!

  4. Saltwater Saturday sounds like a great opportunity for a button and to get people to link up! I would gladly participate! Sounds like a fun time.



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