Friday, September 9, 2011

Fearless Fitness Friday: Battle Of The Blisters

TGIF, and welcome to another edition of Fearless Fitness Friday. 

Hopefully I'm not boring you to death with the FFF postings. Please know that it is helping me achieve my fitness goals, feeling like I have to be accountable on the blog for what type of progress I am making. Additionally, I have had a lot of personal emails from readers and friends who say the updates are motivating them. If my failures, successes and challenges are helpful to others - then I'm all for it! :-) 

My newest struggle is getting blisters on my feet. More specifically, on my toes. On the bottoms of my toes, in between my toes, and on the sides of my big toes have all been a problem. These are only a problem for me after running/walking my 4 miles here at the beach - I absolutely never get a blister from taking a group exercise class at the YMCA. 

Last week they were really, really bad. When I went to the salon and saw Phillip on Thursday, I showed him and he freaked out. I thought he was going to gag! Phillip said if that was on his foot, he would "be at home, laying on the sofa with my foot elevated and eating pain pills". LOL, have I ever told you I go to the salon to get my hair done as well as for a healthy dose of entertainment? 

Anyway, I had to take a break and allow my blisters to heal before I could work out again. Actually I had to do this just so I could walk without hobbling! I took Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off and started back to Kickboxing on Wednesday night. All was fine then, until Thursday when I went for my 4 miles. Guess what? By last night at 9pm, I had yet another blister. This time, it was on the same toe with the blister that almost gagged Phillip last week. Ask me how frustrated I am right now!?!?!?

I can tell the workouts are really beginning to be effective. I am much stronger, I can run longer, and I'm beginning to tone up. I can actually keep up in my classes at the YMCA now. To be bothered and potentially sidelined by my feet is driving me insane. 

Now I should note - I have tried three different pairs of shoes. They're not too tight, and they're not too narrow. I have tried different socks - ones with more padding, etc. I did consult with a friend of mine who runs marathons, and she said if I was wearing cotton socks, my feet would continue to blister. (of course I was wearing cotton socks - Nike, Champion, etc - I didn't know any better). 
My friend recommended the socks above from Road Runner Sports - the "Dryroad Elite No Show Tab" style (see them HERE). They are 90% nylon and 10% spandex (no cotton). The socks should arrive next week, and I can't wait to see if they prevent me from getting these blisters. IF they don't do the trick, I suppose I will be forced to go to one of those high priced running supply stores where they measure your foot and you can "custom order" running shoes. I *shudder* to think what that would cost. It just seems like there would be an easier solution. 

Do you run? If so, are you troubled with blisters? How do you handle them? I am truly desperate for any feedback here! 

Have a Fantastic Friday - me, I'm staying off the pavement and plan to hit a class at the YMCA instead. *Shaking head while nursing blisters*


  1. I suggest a trip to the podiatrist. I am sure you have one in your town or nearby. This will help prevent really serious problems in years to come and the professional advice you'll receive is worth it. I did and took the advice and DO NOT have blisters or serious feet problems anymore. I walk daily and have for years and years. You may need orthodics fitted in your shoe. Make that call for an appt.

  2. Girl I had some serious blister issues about a month ago and they are still dried out and healing. Anyway, I recommend going to a running shop and getting fitted for shoes. Unfortunately it is trial and error on the shoes but they can watch you run on a tread mill and tell you the best ones for you. My feet have never felt better now. I went out in my brand new shoes and ran 9 miles the next day and no blisters!

  3. I really like my Lululemon socks and my nike pair as well! Hope the blisters go away!

    xx Emily @

  4. I've never had blister problems- even running 10k's. Maybe wear 2 pairs of socks or bandaids on your feet? Hang in there girl that sounds miserable!

  5. I completely agree and second that advice about going to a podiatrist. I've run 8 marathons and one ultra and battled terrible blisters up until about 2 years ago. My podiatrist prescribed me w/ a prescription antiperspirant called HyperCare. It sounds gross, but you put it on your feet prior to your runs and they don't sweat at all. Since it doesn't seem to be your shoes that are rubbing your feet, my guess is that the excess moisture from sweat is causing your feet to rub blisters. Hope this helps - it's been a lifesaver for me!


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