Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni Mayhem

Happy Hump Day! 

Did you brave the crowds and craziness yesterday for the launch of the new "Missoni for Target" designer collaboration? I have to admit, I knew it was coming and I knew it would be "huge" - but I didn't expect what happened. 

First off, I counted on people in my little beach town having no idea what Missoni was and being completely disinterested. Duh. Big mistake. Additionally, I have to admit I didn't expect the quality to be that great, based on the price points. 

Surprise! My Target was almost wiped clean by 2pm when I finally arrived. The Target website crashed early in the morning - and by the time it finally recovered late last night, almost everything was sold out. However, I was lucky - and after seeing everyone's posts and comments on Facebook last night, I am more than thankful for my good fortune. The Shopaholic Shopping System was in full swing yesterday. Between me, my sister and one of my BFF's - we were texting pictures and wish lists all day long. Everyone hit multiple Target stores - and somehow, we all managed to score most of the items on our wish lists. 

The first item in my cart? The Ballet Flats pictured above - they are a great fit and I can't wait to wear them this Fall! 

This scarf was literally the last one in my local Target and I was thrilled to find it! 
The sweater dresses were all very popular. I managed to get two of them. Note: I think these are pretty darn short. It's my opinion that tights will be necessary for anyone over 5'4". :-) 

I also added a few cosmetic bags to my collection. I don't know about you, but I prefer to change cosmetic bags with each new season, so these come at a perfect time. Goodbye, Calypso bag and hello, just look like Fall to me! :-) 

I'm still *dying* for the dress below. It is sold out online and is already selling for 2-3 times the original retail price on Ebay. If anyone has an extra they are looking to unload, you know who to contact! Me! :-)

What do you think of the Missoni for Target collection? I hope you managed to find everything you were looking for. All day yesterday we kept hearing (directly from Target employees) that the stock would not be replenished, but honestly - I find that very hard to believe. The Target website had more traffic on Tuesday than on Black Friday - they'd be fools not to produce more and replenish. Lots of folks had trouble ordering online and their stores were wiped clean. Reports are that police had to be called in several locations, when actual fights broke out over the merchandise. Hard to believe, huh?

Here is my opinion, for what it's worth. Target should have known this would happen. They installed a pop-up store last week in Manhattan during Fashion Week. The shop covered six city blocks, and planned to be open for three days. However - in six hours (that's 6 hours, y'all!) they were completely sold out of merchandise and had to close. Complete and total "Missoni Mayhem"!  

Have a Wonderful Wednesday! 


  1. I have two Targets in a 10 mile radius of my house. I hit the one closest to me just as they opened. Sure enough there were several women who just grabbed what they could. I chuckled when one told the cashier she was taking it all home to try on. Yeah right and I am the Queen of England. Not!

  2. Missoni had me wiped out after yesterday! I was at the Target closest to work right when it opened at 8 and I was able to score a bit too much--the flats, the pumps, an infinity scarf, tie for the bf, cardi, the dress you couldn't find--but still wasn't able to grab a pillow or throw. I'm hoping I somehow find an extra hidden on a shelf or something over the weekend. ;)

    I also do believe this was some of the best publicity for a launch ever. I saw sooo many blog posts, magazine ads, TV ads, etc. that I agree that Target should have expected mayhem yesterday.

  3. Wow you scored!

    I went around 1pm and they had some things left in the clothing section and then some dishware. I didn't get anything. They did say they were getting trucks today and tomorrow so evidently this Target is replenishing. Who knows haha!

  4. I wish I would have known you wanted that dress. I had it in my hand and put it back since I didn't "need" it.

  5. I arrived at the Macon, Georgia, Target at 3 p.m. yesterday. NOTHING not one piece of Missoni was LEFT! I thought i had the wrong day. I asked a clerk and she said, "no. All of Missoni merchandise was sold in ONE HOUR." And in tht hour they did $16,000. Can you believe that? Not me. I don't live close to a Target (30 miles in Albany, Georgia, is the closest) so guess I'll have to miss all the Missoni for Target. Oh well, I have too many clothes anyhow!

  6. Great minds think alike-I just posted about the Missoni Madness before I read your post. I am going Thursday after work and I will be just heartbroken if there is nothing left! Heartbroken I tell you!

  7. The Missoni Mayhem is crazy!! I can't believe how much these things are going for on Ebay now!

  8. I cannot believe this! I have to admit that Missoni is totally not my look, but obviously a ton of people love it, huh? Those flats are cute. I would like them with jeans and a sweater, but doesn't look like I will be able get them :) Oh well. I did score tons of Lifeguard Press Lilly at TJ's, Marshalls and Homegoods. Did you get any?


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