Friday, September 16, 2011

Restock Recon: Missoni For Target

TGIF, Shopaholics!

Well, we've certainly heard a lot about the Missoni for Target line this week, haven't we? Everyone knows - it sold out in hours online and in store, folks were fighting over merchandise in the aisles, and many peeps are extremely  upset over the prices being charged in the secondary market. 

Since the craziness of Tuesday, the one question on every one's mind has been "Will Target restock the collection? When? What items will be restocked?" I have been wondering too - this week I have spoken to my favorite local Target employees, researched online, read all the news articles, seen the CNN reports, etc. The answers have been conflicting, at best.

However, now this Shopaholic has "Restock Recon" for you. Please don't ask me where I acquired this information, because I can't tell you. I'm sworn to secrecy. Without further ado, here is the deal...plan accordingly. 

The following departments will be restocked in some Target locations:

Accessories (Minimal quantities)
Women's Shoes (Minimal quantities)

In the stores that will receive the restock, the items should be on the sales floor no later than Friday or Saturday. 

There is currently no replenish date for any departments not listed. What does this mean? To me, it means no more Clothing. Very few scarves, etc - if any. 

Also of note: remember that not all locations will receive a restock. Period. Best I can tell, the smaller stores (like mine, not in a major metro area) may not receive any new Missoni. My store has signs up that state "inventory will not be replenished" or something to that effect. I believe that is self-explanatory - even if it's a little sad! :-( 

Make no mistake about it, if this information is correct - the secondary market will likely continue to gain steam and it is possible that prices will go even higher. I saw the long maxi dress sell for almost $400 on Ebay. And to think - my store still had a full size run of those when I went on Tuesday! Insanity! 

What's a Shopaholic to do if they don't want to purchase on Ebay? Try Craigslist, there are lots of items listed. Additionally, several Facebook groups are out there to help. On Wednesday, I created "Missoni For Target - Buy And Sell" - a place on Facebook where sellers can list their items directly to the wall and it's free to use. Note that I am not involved in pricing items - nor will I try to dictate what a seller can charge on the page. But it is another place to try to find that coveted piece of Missoni. You can "like" the page HERE.  Another blogger created a page on Facebook that is primarily focused on "trading" items, but there are some opportunities to purchase. That page is "Locked out of Missoni for Target - Fair Trade Here" - you can "like" the page HERE

Are you planning to return to Target today or Saturday? What do you still "need"? I have to admit, I will probably go both days. I'm a little obsessed with this collection...

Have a Fantastic Friday and Happy Hunting! 

p.s. I managed to score my highly coveted zig zag sleeveless dress (like the one pictured above) last night on the Facebook page, Missoni For Target: Buy And Sell. I am so thrilled and look forward to wearing this Fall! 


  1. Honestly I think your new page is part of the problem, people who hoard and list at crazy prices are creating a market that may become the new norm. Do you want to have to purchase from secondary markets? That is what is being created, a new way of business run by greedy peeps who probably don't even love the line like we do.

  2. It's a contempory fit. If you're a size 6 the large doesn't even fit. So go figure. It's for skinny mini's. Target created a problem. not a good thing.

  3. I hate that I missed the boat on the Missoni! Although if a size 6 can't wear a large I guess I wouldn't have been able to wear it anyways! Also- I really hate when people post negative comments under "anonymous" If you have something to say you shouldn't be ashamed to say it!

  4. The blog owner allows anonymous comments so take it up with her. Just because you dislike my opinions it does not make them negative or invalid. The entire Missoni for Target launch has been a hotel of controversy so it should be expected on this type of blog post. I don't know where ya'll are getting your information about the fit but you are completely wrong, most of the pieces run true to size or generous. I would guess that maybe people were trying on the girls items instead of the ladies. At my Target the ebaying ladies couldn't figure out the difference.

  5. I agree with anonymous. If you have something and it doesn't fit, return it to target and someone else will buy it. There's no need to sell it on the internet for jacked up prices. Missoni didn't create a line for Target so other people could sell the items they purchased at Target on ebay or facebook and make a profit :(

  6. I'm just saying why be anonymous? Your opinions may be valid but why don't you use your name/picture? If you feel what you are saying is valid you should not be hiding behind an "anonymous" profile. That's just my opinion as a blog reader.


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