Saturday, September 10, 2011

Salt Water Saturday: Alabama vs. Penn State, One of My Favorite Rivalries

Happy Saturday, Shopaholics! 

Wow - it's college football season! These are always exciting times in my neighborhood. Many of you already know, I am a season ticket holder (Tide Pride) and attend every Alabama home game in Tuscaloosa during football season. 

Over the years, I have been fortunate to attend several Alabama vs. Penn State games in person. Of course Penn State is in the Big 10, not the SEC like Alabama, so they don't play very often. Matter of fact, they have only met 14 times over the history of the rivalry. A little background on this storied rivalry - directly from


The Nittany Lions and the Crimson Tide have played against each other a total of 14 times. They first competed against each other 1959 in Liberty Bowl where Penn State won 7-0. Before they played last season they haven’t played since Oct. 27, 1990. Penn State won once again, 9-0. Overall Alabama has won 14 games and Penn State has won five. The Nittany Lions have only played against the Crimson Tide five times at home, six times in Alabama and three times at a neutral location, the bowl games. The team matched up for two Sugar Bowls, one in 1975 and in 1979, Alabama winning both games. Joe Paterno has worked for Penn State for all of the games against Alabama but as a head coach his record with them is 4-8.
When Penn State matched up with the Crimson Time for the Sugar Bowl in 1975, that was the first time that Joe Paterno played against Paul “Bear” Bryant. Since Bryant’s time at Alabama, Paterno has gone up against Ray Perkins, Billy Curry, Gene Stallings, Mike DuBose, Dennis Franchione and current coach Nick Saban. Alabama has won a total of 12 National Championships and they have been playing since 1892. Penn State has won two National Championships and they have been playing since 1887.

This Alabama fan has nothing but the utmost respect for the Penn State program, their tradition, the fans, alumni and of course Joe Paterno. Last year in Tuscaloosa, the Penn State folks were a pleasure. After the tornadoes struck Tuscaloosa, the Penn State faithful created the t-shirt above (available HERE) as a show of support to the Bama nation. All of the proceeds benefit redevelopment in some of Alabama's hardest hit communities. Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is class. Make no mistake about it! 

Come 2:30 CT, I will be in front of the television pulling for the Crimson Tide, against my "second favorite team" in college football. The only reason I'm not there? Because they are playing in Happy Valley, of course. May the best team win! 
Are you also watching college football today? Who is your favorite team? And - the million dollar question - what is the best rivalry game in college football? I'd love to hear your favorites! 

p.s. It didn't hurt my feelings to be stuck in an elevator with members of the Penn State football team at 17 years old. I remember thinking "they are huge" - and kinda "hot" too! :-) 


  1. How cool you were stuck in the elevator with them! My favortie football rivalry is Ohio State vs. "That state up North"

    xx Emily @

  2. Watching the Buckeyes today. I agree, the best college football rivalry is The Ohio State University vs. the state up north!

  3. Couldn't agree with you more. My favorite team is of course Bama...I am a huge Saban fan and when he left LSU I went with him. Husband hates Saban for leaving and so needless to say he isn't the Bama fan but instead despises them. So the best rivalry in our house is when they play each other. Saban Roll that Tide!


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