Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! 

I hope you are enjoying a day off work, with family and friends, in the bright sunshine! I'm sure lots of you are at the beach, squeezing in that last "unofficial" summer weekend. Others are probably having backyard barbecues, grilling out and enjoying time with loved ones. 

We are experiencing Tropical Storm Lee here on the Gulf Coast. Hopefully the rain rain will go away very soon (hey, I can dream!) and we can get a much needed dose of sunshine! While it's great to have DH home for the weekend, we're getting a little bit of cabin fever around these parts!

How are you celebrating the Labor Day holiday? Have a safe and fun day! 


  1. I hope you stay safe and don't get too much rain! I'm spending today with my family before I go back to school. I love coming home to visit!

  2. Hope you stay safe and the rain will not be as bad as they are talking about for your sake!

  3. Raining here too in Georgia - what a bummer!


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