Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Coastal Holiday Decor: Inspiration

According to my calendar, today is December 6. In a "normal" year, my house is already decorated for the holidays. My decor usually consists of a traditional theme (think Old World Christmas style). I have spent years, and never to be admitted in public $'s collecting Christopher Radko ornaments.

To date, I have almost 200 Radkos in my collection.  While they are beautiful and I love trimming the tree with such gorgeous ornaments, the process is lengthy. Each ornament is stored in it's own original box, and must be handled with care. They are removed one by one, unwrapped and hung on the tree. The Christopher Radko ornaments become very heavy when you hang that many, therefore the option of having a live tree is not advised. (After your Christmas tree falls and you lose a few beloved retired ornaments, you get smart). When decorating with the Radkos, I must use an artificial tree. And I'm ok with that - normally. But this year is a little different. I was dog sick all last week and basically lost ten days of productivity. The DH has continued to be out of town on business all the time. I am rethinking it all. 

This year, I might go in a different direction. I have been inspired by coastal themed decor. The simplicity of using whites, naturals, and items found in our natural environment such as seashells, sand dollars and sea urchins. Clean lines, with a gold and silver accents for a little variation. What do you think? After all - we live at the beach. Makes sense, yes?

Source: bing.com via Lori on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Lori on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Lori on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Rachel on Pinterest

Do you have a decorating "theme" or are your decorations traditional? And the most important question: have you finished decorating for the holidays? My mission is to get started - today! Wish me luck! 

P.S. Holiday Giveaway Days and Deals coming over the next two weeks (don't forget to see yesterday's giveaway from J. Bee Designs HERE).  I will be posting a new giveaway and Shopaholic Special discount every few days. You don't want to miss these - a great opportunity to win something and discounts to help you wrap up your holiday shopping! 


  1. Usually by this time I have all the decorating done and our Christmas party has come and gone. None of that has happened this year! I usually have themed trees...so one with lots of crowns (natch), one with all white ornaments...pink etc etc. I just dont feel like doing it this year! I hear I'm not the only one too - maybe it's because it's raining and nothing looks like Christmas.

  2. omg I love all of this! Especially the seaweed =]

  3. I love all of these! Perfect! XO

  4. I love it! I am working on changing my Christmas decorations as well! My new theme is Magnolias and Pearls!

  5. Love that rope with the garland and the starfish on the wreath!

  6. I love the garland on the staircase! If I had a staircase, I'd SO do that. My place has a little bit of a beachy feel.

  7. Joni loves ChristmasDecember 18, 2011 at 10:31 AM

    Beautiful decorations! Especially the staircase! Looks awesome! I have been decorated since two days before Thanksgiving...I can't help it! I love it all!!!


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