Thursday, December 1, 2011

My New Favorite Lilly Pulitzer Tunic: Meet Joycee, Resort 2011-2012

Have you been salivating over the Lilly Pulitzer Resort collection? Naturally I have since it came out, and am working on adding "wish list" items to my existing Lilly Pulitzer obsession collection. 

I always look forward to new Lilly Pulitzer tunic styles, and in this recent collection, they did not disappoint! Thankfully, my friends at Lilly included previous favorite styles such as the Ciara and the Thandie. They were also kind enough to add a newbie to the lineup: the Joycee!

The Joycee is made of a cotton slub jersey material, has full length sleeves but it surprisingly lightweight. The neckline reminds me of my favorite top (Elsa!) with a mandarin collar and v-notch front. And an added bonus: the sleeves have an elastic cuff! It retails for only $98 and is currently available in three prints.

Turquoise Jungle Glam Toile version is pictured above and is already one of my favorites prints of the season. Joycee also comes in Shorely Blue Toucan Tango. Don't you love it too?
And finally, in the Hotty Pink Scorpion Bowl.
A note regarding fit: I am finding this tunic to fit true-to-size and maybe a "touch" large. Of course a tunic is something you will prefer wearing a little bit loose, so I suggest going with your "normal" size. These come in XS, S, M, L and XL - just an FYI. 

Which print(s) are your favorite? I've already purchased the Toile and Toucan print, and have recently ordered the Scorpion Bowl. I really thought I was safe, then I saw another version coming up in the 12/25 resort delivery. Yeah, I might need it too..this one is Bright Navy Reef Me Up. My defense: I get a lot of wear from my Lilly tunics. They're just easy for a casual lifestyle here at the beach, and seem to work in our sub-tropical climate year round. Sounds good, doesn't it? :-) 
Heaven help! 


  1. This is on my list too. I like the reef print. Unfortunately, my Lilly rarely orders larger sizes. It makes me sad. I have a daily deal for $100 and they never have anything in my size! Ooh to be a size XS.

  2. I need to check out the resort collection! Thanks so much for the follow!!! I'm obsessed with Diet Coke. It's pretty much all I drink!


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