Wednesday, July 25, 2012

38 Days, 12 Hours From Right Now

...yep, I am on the countdown. Countdown to what, you ask? The first Alabama college football game of the 2012 season! 

We are currently making plans to visit Dallas and attend the season-opener: Alabama vs. Michigan on September 1 at 7pm. This game will be played at Cowboys Stadium. Of course, I'm extra excited about that because the Cowboys are my favorite NFL team (too bad, they don't have a home game in Dallas that weekend - that would have been too good to be true). 

If any of you are reading from the DFW-metro area, do you have any recommendations for me? I haven't been to Dallas in several years.

Are you looking forward to college football season? Who is your favorite team? Now I'm working on my wardrobe - look for a fun post coming up soon on "Game Day Dressing". 

Have a Wonderful Wednesday! 


  1. I'm not the only one!! We just found out where are seats are and we are SO excited!! I can't wait for football season to begin.

  2. Just came across your blog and I had to leave you a huge "ROLLL TIIIDE!!!!"

    Enjoying your blog:)


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