Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Jumbo Agenda from Lilly Pulitzer

Who else was excited to see the Jumbo size agendas from Lilly Pulitzer by Lifeguard Press, new for 2012-2013? I was thrilled to see my favorite agenda offered in an 8.75" x 11.25" size. Call me silly, but I like my agendas, notebooks and books to "stack" properly and the smaller agendas just don't quite fit the bill. 

Now - my only decision is which print to order! This Jumbo agenda only comes in two prints - pictured above is "Tiger Would". I love the pink and green color combination with the tigers, and personally believe you can never go wrong with pink and green! 
The Jumbo size agenda is also available in the "Getaway Garden" print pictured above. Set on a navy background, this beautiful floral print would look fantastic year round. Both are priced at $33 retail, and include stickers for your calendar. (I always use any leftover stickers on packages that I ship out to friends, family, items sold online, etc. They make a plain package fun!)

I love the feel of a new agenda with a clean slate - half the fun is filling it up with social engagements, birthdays and days off. Even a doctor appointment seems a little less mundane when listed in your Lilly agenda. :-) 

You can get your new Jumbo agenda from Lilly Pulitzer online, or at select Via stores. The Pink Pelican in Huntsville has them available online and is one of my personal favorites! 

Which print is your favorite? Have you ordered a new agenda yet?


  1. I have the large Lilly agenda and I really love it! I wouldn't change a thing about it, and the bright designs make writing things down more fun!

  2. I ordered You Gotta Regatta in the Large!


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