Friday, July 20, 2012

My New $10 Toywatch

Sometimes, it pays to be home sick! 

Yesterday morning I was jolted into reality by the noise of some very strong storms. Lightning, thunder, and rain blowing sideways. I was a little disoriented because after all, I had taken a heavy duty pain pill to get some sleep the night before. (Lortab #10, anyone?). At any rate, I woke in a fog and decided to grab my laptop and stay in bed for several more hours - and hopefully go back to sleep. 

When I logged on to the computer, I noticed that Rue La La was in the middle of another "Final Sale" and Toywatch was one of the brands included. Long time readers will remember that last March, I purchased my first Toywatch (blog post HERE). My original watch is pink and it's plastic. I have worn that watch so much, and I get compliments on it all the time. I have long wanted another Toywatch in a different color, and have been patiently waiting on just the right deal! 

The bright green "jelly" Toywatch was on sale for $49.90 (retail price $195). Mind you, the Jelly watch isn't nearly as fancy as my pink one. For starters, it's a lot smaller. It also doesn't have the crystal hour markers, and it's not the heavy plastic. However - I had Free Shipping and $40 in RLL credits, so this watch was mine for the bargain basement price of only $9.90! 

As soon as I had that order confirmation, I closed the laptop and went back to sleep. I slept blissfully until noon. Nothing like paying less than $10 for an almost $200 watch to help you sleep! 

Do you have a Toywatch? I'm still coveting the white one with the Mother of Pearl dial, like the one Sandra Bullock sported in "The Blind Side". You know, like this one...

TGIF - I'm back to work today and trying to gradually recover from my sickness. Thanks for all the well wishes regarding my Nanny, I appreciate all your kind thoughts! XO

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