Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shopaholic Math

Sometimes, it's the "little things" that make all the difference...

You might be surprised to know that I'm a little "thrifty" when it comes to certain expenses. For instance, I won't bat an eyelash over the cost of a new dress or pair of shoes - but almost refuse to purchase an item at the grocery store that isn't either a) on sale or b) I have a coupon towards. Go figure! 

This topic comes up often at work. Earlier this week, we were discussing the cost of buying lunch out vs. bringing lunch from home. I'm in the "bring lunch from home" club. In my experience, it only takes a few minutes (5-10, tops) to throw together a sandwich, fruit and something crunchy (Sun Chips, anyone?). If I'm really pressed for time, it's a Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice meal plus a snack. I've found that bringing my lunch saves time because I'm not running out looking for food, calories because I'm not eating as much junk/fast food, and $$$. 

My Shopaholic Math: 
    Cost of lunch:                      $7 day (conservative estimate)
    Work days per week:            5
    Weeks per year:                   52

    Math: $7 x 5 = $35/week x 52/weeks in a year = $1,820

    Savings = $1,820 annually = New Louis Vuitton or Gucci Bag, anyone?

Talk about putting expenses in perspective! HA! 

Tell me about your Shopaholic math! 


  1. I completely agree! I bring my lunch every day too. So much healthier, can get errands done at lunch and cheaper!

  2. I was so excited to see this post - someone else who thinks like me. I bring my lunch to work as well because I SHOP on my lunch hour! I refuse to waste money on food. I learned this at an early age. My parents gave me a food allowance in college. I ate ramen noodles my entire senior year to fund my shopping habits and a spring break trip to Cancun. Maybe that is why I am addicted to carbs :( /! But hey, I looked good. I am a coupon junky for grocery items as well, but I can't resist a new lilly shirt or a cute pair of shoes. My husband refers to my "saving money with coupons" as GIRL MATH. Which means it doesn't really save us money, it just redistributes it.

  3. I completely agree! I'm eating my packed lunch at work right now!

  4. Yep I agree! Hate to spend money on lunches, especially 1.99 on a glass of tea! New clothes are a much better choice.

  5. Wow! It is amazing how much you can save by doing little things such as bringing lunch. Great article.


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