Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beach Bag Essentials - Day One!

Happy Thursday everyone! Are you like me and running around getting ready for the Memorial Day holiday?

Today I wanted to share my tanning secret with you! I know, I know.....we shouldn't "lay out" in the sun. It's bad for us, and skin cancer is rampant. Yep - I understand. Here's my theory - we all have bad habits that might kill us later. For some, it's smoking. I don't smoke. For others, it's drinking. I don't....well I enjoy the occasional beverage but I don't "over" indulge. I'm married and lead a rather calm existence, but I do lay out in the sun.

Unlike the days of youth gone by, now I always use sunscreen with SPF - every time I'm in the sun! I always start the season with SPF 30, later backing down to SPF 15 and eventually SPF 8. (just so you know - I'm using 15 and sometimes 8 right now). I never use LESS than SPF 8.

Years ago, I found the Australian Gold tanning products. They're available everywhere here at the beach - even the grocery stores! However, when we lived in Charlotte, I couldn't find this stuff anywhere. I was DYING. I finally found it on a vacation to Hilton Head Island and stocked up!

The products are fantastic! I use the Spray Gel with Instant Bronzer formulation. It has a slightly sweet smell and is very moisturizing to the skin. If I use something different, I can sure tell a big difference. And I think the bronzer helps you deepen the tan, and keep it longer. That's always a hit in my book!

What's your favorite tanning product? Have you ever tried Australian Gold? If not, you should! Let me know if you need help finding it though - especially if you're land locked! :-)

Have a fab Thursday - our nephew is graduating high school tonight. Wow how the time flies!


  1. I'm definitely going to try this! If I can't find it here in upstate New York, I'll try it when we head to Hilton Head next month :) Thanks for the tip!

  2. Despite living in The Sunshine State, I'm pretty darn white. What can I say, I'm blonde hair, blue-eyes. I lather up before going in the sun; however, for my legs to get ANY color I've only found one product that truly works! It's Bain de Soleil. For years, I've had to cautiously apply as it stained. To my delight, I went to Ulta last month, and they have a new, improved product that is a creme, not a gelee. Try it, it's great- "Bain de Soleil Ultra Light Orange Creme".The best part? It's only like $8!

  3. I haven't seen it here but I will look for it in HHI in July!

  4. Thanks for the tip, I will have to try it! My current favorites are the Hawaiian tropic products. They smell so yummy (coconut scented!) instead of that lingering sunblock smell :)

  5. I am in LUST with the Hawaiian Tropic. The new bottles are adorable and have a vintage look to them and it smells fantastic! I use the SPF 6 and it's just the right amount. I can tan, but I never burn, and I feel absolutely no guilt!


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