Sunday, May 23, 2010

Off The Wagon...

Happy Sunday, Shopaholics! Hope your weekend has been fabulous so far. I'm sad to report that I still have a slight headache, but at this point I'm not sure whether it's from a Migraine or a Mojito. Oops.

Remember my resolve to lose 10 more pounds before I purchased another Lilly dress??? Double Oops, I fell off the wagon on Saturday. BUT - it was for this highly coveted Lilly Pulitzer Sullivan dress...

Isn't it fabulous? I plan to find a red belt (possibly patent leather) to wear with the dress - or my red starfish Miss Trish sandals.  Perfect for 4th of July, yes? :-) If you have this on your summer "must have" shopping list - get it quickly. My sources report it is literally *flying* out of the stores! And remember, you can still use the 20% coupon at the Lilly Pulitzer corporate stores (my favorite is Southlake, TX) until May 24. I posted about it HERE originally.

Now I attempt to climb back on the wagon. Stay tuned. Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. ahh you bought it!! I've been saving for it :) It's amazing!!! By far my favorite dress of the season. The red belt will look awesome.

  2. I could kick myself! I shopped at my Lilly shop yesterday and then again, later on line and forgot about the promo code! Dumb me!!
    Darling, darling dress!!
    Thinking I just may have to go buy yet something else so I can use the promo! ;)

  3. Quick question: They don't carry this dress at my Lilly store, and I'm loving it too, but I was wondering how it fits? Is it more of a cover-up? Or nicer than that? I usually wear an 8 in Lilly shifts. Thanks for your help! Glad you scooped one up before they're all gone!

  4. COngratulations.... it is an AWESOME dress... timeless for sure... and perfect almost year round for us southern gals! Enjoy! if you aren't already being good with your water intake...up your water intake to 8-10 glasses daily..that helps shed pounds by flushing out the toxins and also helping to curb appetite..... and if you can handle it, ginger mint tea, hot or cold really helps migraine sufferers...Have a great Sunday!
    cathy b
    projecthope7 at gmail dot com

  5. I really have been trying to give up the shopping until I lose 10ish pounds BUT yesterday Belk was having their 20% off customer appreciation and, for once, Lilly wasn't excluded. I just can't win. ;)

  6. thanks for posting the promo code, i guess its asign that i need the pandamonium tote to match my shift..LOL

  7. THANK YOU for reminding me about the code. My shop did a price adjustment on my purchases and it saved me $168.00!!!!

  8. I also lost my resolve and bought some Lilly even though I still have baby weight to lose... Lilly is just too fabulous to resist!

  9. I talked to Megan in Customer Service this morning and she honored the discount. Got some Lesportsac and the Sullivan for my birthday! Love their Customer Service!!!! Thanks for the advice!


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