Saturday, May 1, 2010

HUGE Lilly Pulitzer Sale at Under The Palm Tree!

Happy Shopaholic Saturday! :-) Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Do you always have a huge Lilly Pulitzer shopping list? Come on - confess. You KNOW you do. I do - and I'm not afraid to admit it either. HAHA. The last three Lilly collections have been huge winners, in my opinion. I still find items I "need" from the Resort and Spring collections, and now the Summer collection is out!!! What's a Shopaholic to do??? Watch for a great sale, naturally! And today we found one!

Our favorite Via Shop, Under The Palm Tree, has a sale that you can't miss!

Here's the deal:

Buy 1 item - 20% off (that item)
Buy 2 items - 30% off (both items)
Buy 3 items - 40% off (all 3 items)
Buy 4 items - 50% off (all 4 items)

Please note the discount does not apply to Lifeguard Press items, sale items, special orders or previously purchased merchandise. Visit them online or call the store at 913-451-1445 for all your needs. Sara, Martha Jane, Hadley and co. are a pleasure to shop with; orders are processed and shipped promptly (sometimes mine arrive in 2 days!), and in my opinion, it's just good to know you're supporting a small business.

Just mention "MAY DAY" in the order notes section when placing your order online, and the new total will be confirmed back to you via email. Don't delay, with deals this good, merchandise won't last long!

Now.........what do I "need"!?!? Hmmm, decisions, decisions. Happy Shopping!


  1. Thank you so much for letting me know about this great deal! I got two chic polos, the Sandra dress I've been wanting so badly and the Del Mar dress. Basically all this for the price of one dress! Yes! Happy Mother's Day to me. Haha. When I got the order sent to my email, the discount was not applied. Will they send me another one with the discount? Thanks again!

  2. They fixed it. So prompt. Said they'd mail it out Monday. Can't wait for it to arrive. :)

  3. Thanks so much for the deal! Just got my closet ready for summer thanks to the deal.
    PS, love your blog!!

  4. I just went shopping today and found some really cute stuff - I need to stop by this Lilly place tho. I dont normally like her, but my friends have really gotten me in to her a little bit. I absolutely love her little white dress collection! It is sooooo cute!!!

  5. This is a FABULOUS deal! I can't wait to cross some things off my Summer wish list. ;)

  6. Make sure you say what discount you are getting in the notes section! I just put in MAY DAY and they only gave me 30% off my 4 items!! Then I called and she said she didn't know what the promo was so she just gave me 30%. I was kind of upset!

  7. thank you for the heads up!



  8. Thank you Lori for this fabulous discount! :)

  9. Anonymous - if you give me your name I can try to get it fixed for you. One of our employees was out of town last week and was not up on our promotion, so if you'll post a reply here or email we'll try and get it fixed.

    Hadley - UTPT

  10. I need to start wearing cloves of garlic around my neck when I swing by here. You are T-R-O-U-B-L-E girl! XXOO

  11. How long is this sale? Is it too late?


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