Friday, May 28, 2010

The Fashion Police Owes Some People A Ticket...

TGIF, Shopaholics! Hope you're having a wonderful day and a fun Memorial Day celebration planned!

Originally I had planned to talk about something else today, but after attending my nephew's high school graduation ceremony last night, I have other things on my mind.

I stressed all day about whether I would be dressed up enough for this graduation. I was feeling really FAT in everything I wanted to wear - and ended up wearing a Lilly dress in a very flattering wrap style. (This hides a multitude of sins, if you need one - search for Lilly Pulitzer CORBIN wrap dress).

When I arrived, I immediately knew it had been silly to worry! I observed the following fashion violations, wish I had pictures to share (like the Glamour "don't" section), but would've been in extremely poor taste to snap.

1) Jeans and flip flops are not acceptable graduation attire.
2) If the dress is too tight, don't wear it. Matter of fact, if it's too tight, don't BUY it to begin with. Don't be obsessed with the number on the size tag, be concerned whether you look like a stuffed sausage.
3) Crocs and strappy sundresses don't go together, not in any state in this union. Maybe if you're less than 4 years old, and if you're not, don't attempt this look.
4) Jeans with super size muffin tops = Shopaholic don't.
5) Same goes for tank tops with your Ta Tas hanging out. Grandpa didn't come to see your boobs, he came to see his first grandson graduate high school.
6) If you have a tattoo on the cleavage, you should consider covering it when going into a church. Just sayin'.

In defense of those who looked lovely, I saw some gorgeous ladies last night. They were wearing beautiful dresses and suits that fit perfectly, were accessorized to the nines, and had full hair and makeup. 

What have you seen lately that deserves a ticket from the fashion police? Hot weather always brings out the worst around these parts, it's an excuse for some folks to dress awful!  


  1. So funny : ) Love this post. The tatoo on the cleavage, ah...where to begin? Actually, church might be a good place (just keep it under wraps). And yes, thank you for having the courtesy to resist snapping photos, that would have been worse than wearing crocs...well, maybe not.

  2. Seriously, I just saw someone in the car line at the girls' school who needed a ticket. Short shorts that looked PAINTED, they were so tight, with a muffin top and tank top with dirty white bra hanging out of the tank top.

  3. LOL... and BTW, crocs for adults should be BANNED! Unless they are worn as a gardening shoe...

  4. Oh ... you have NO idea of the fashion horrors I see here in Florida!!

  5. Oh, dear me! Never understood why people have to "dress down" all the time. I think the idea of casual Friday was taken to an extreme. Maybe it's time to push for the suit and tie again...

  6. Mini-mini jean skirts and Uggs. I love my Uggs in the winter, don't get me wrong, but in the summer with a skirt that looks about 3 sizes too small, it just looks silly!
    And I concur with the crocs comment; they should be banned!!!

  7. The worst part is, Crocs have begun to make shoes that don't look like Crocs.(Although I loathe Crocs anyway and wouldn't wear them) The only conclusion I can come to seeing someone at a formal event in them is that they actually like the look of classic Crocs-and that scares me!!!!!

  8. You so hit the nail on the head. The muffin top issues are out of control. And the crocs - Lallie is not allowed to wear them. I HATE crocs. I bought one pair for her (cheap from CVS) and she wore them once and then I threw away, just not attractive. Also, I am all about cleavage modesty. I do not want to look at your endowment. My husband, as a man, is NOT turned on by that at all, he's all about the boobie class.

  9. Haha! My biggest "no no" is the socks with flip flops... that kills me and it can't be comfortable.

  10. I hate it when people walk around with their thongs hanging out! How trashy!!!

  11. First, I would like to jump on the crocs bandwagon and suggest that we mount some sort of "ban crocs" campaign here on SIA. I have always hated them, and I always will.

    Second, being in a neighboring state, I would love to say these violations are shocking, but sadly no. Why must some people insist on living up to the stereotype that the rest of the country holds for us Southerners? Why can't they just be fabulous like we are? ;)

    The faux pas that really gets under my skin is house shoes out in public. It's really not as offensive as boobies hanging out out muffin tops, but it really rubs me the wrong way...

    And I wish you had sneakily snapped some photos! LOL

  12. This post is a riot, and I agree with you 10000% that there are some major offenders out there! I was at a client's office this week and was appalled at the number of offenders with the cleavage, wayyyy over the top! Last weekend I was at a nice restaurant with Matt, and couldn't believe the number of muffin tops hanging over too tight jeans. You're so right, it's not about the size, it's about modesty and how it fits!! :)

    I too wish you had pics, this is fun! Oh yes and BAN CROCS!! :) Have a happy weekend Lori, I've been thinking of you lots with everything going on with the spill, hope you and your DH are doing ok. Let me know if you're around to chat this weekend and I'll give you a call. Lots of love xoxox

  13. Thank you a million times for the comments on crocs! I even seen crocs with heals. Please no crocs. And don't give me the excuse they are comfortable and they are the only shoes you can wear. Clothes too tight and muffin tops ~ AMEN! Please don't embarrass your children. I am a teacher of 20 years and your children care. Great blog. Have a wonderful Lilly weekend. I am glad school is out. I cannot wait to get to PA and shop that Lilly sale.

  14. Gross. I always do the same thing, though! I fret&fret about how I look, how my dress fits, etc. before I go anywhere...

    ...& then I see people all around me that apparently did NONE of this fretting & are making me look like a fashion icon - just for buying flattering clothing in the right size (or tailoring)!

  15. I understand! I was concerned about my daughter's high school graduation. I wore a white Evan Piccone suit with a light pastel Lilly scarf. I saw cowboy boots with sun dresses, tight mini skirts with 6 inch heels and tight low cut tops, blue jeans, flip flops and moo moo's. My 80 year old Mother in Law is always appropriate for every occasion was our fashion police and pointed out every inappropriately dressed person in the group. What happened to appropriate clothing for appropriate occasions?

  16. You would not BELIEVE how many tattoos I saw on so-called cute people at the beach this past weekend... so sad.


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