Celebrating "The Blues" With Lilly!

Happy Thursday my friends! It's well known around these parts that I have a serious case of the blues (thanks to BP and the oil spill). I've had a tough time the past few days, everyone keeps telling me try not to think about it. Seriously how should I go about that?!?! The beach is across the street, and at 3pm yesterday, the not-so-sweet smell of crude was in the air.

Moving on now...Since I officially have "The Blues", I thought it would be fun to focus on something else blue. How about my favorite blue pieces from the current Lilly Pulitzer collection? Yes, seems like a fantastic idea!  :-)

A few of my current "must-haves" - and the list is growing! I don't know about you - but these are the kind of blues I need!

Franco Dress Knit Maxi, Shorely Blue Silver Dollars

Eliot Shirtdress Printed, Aquamarine Fresh Catch Toile

Petra Dress Knit, True Blue Do The Wave

Cinch 1 Piece, Turquoise Fresh Catch Toile (dreaming that I'll still be able to go to the beach!)

I've always been a huge fan of the pink and green Lilly prints, but lately the blues (and greens) have really captured my attention. What do you think of my selections? Are you tempted by any of them?

Hope you have a great Thursday! We're going to try to squeeze in a beach day - weather and oil permitting. *Fingers crossed*


  1. I love blue, green, and white for summer, they look so crisp and clean. I love them all, but I especially love the shirtdress, Petra dress and the swimsuit!!!!!

  2. That Petra dress is at the top of my wish list!

  3. Yes, these are the kind of "blues" you need! I love the Eliot shirt dress. Tried one on yesterday for the first time, and loved it! Hope you get some beach time today, girl! Sun on the beach will definitely lift your spirits, just don't forget your nose plug. Haha.

  4. It has me so blue too. I can't even think about the fact that hurricane season started on Monday. Can you imagine - no, don't.

    I will say that swimsuit cheered me up@

  5. I love all of your choices. I have been dying for the Lilly P. Carrie dip dye dress, but this one may just replace it on my lust list...........

  6. I love the Eliot shirtdress, but will take all of them!!!

  7. I love that swimsuit! Thanks for sharing your "blues!" :)

  8. I'm right there with you... loving all the blue and green Lilly right now! It feels so current.

  9. I tried the Petra on last week and fell in love, such a fabulous dress!!!

    Keeping you in my thoughts, and keeping my fingers crossed that the smell of oil is out of the air soon.

  10. That Petra is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am much more into the blues and greens than pinks and greens, but also dig navy and pink.

  11. Hi honey, heard you and Bumpkin have been speaking, breaks my heart that the oil is reaching the Gulf Shores area. Your Lillys in blue are such a pleasant pick me up, I recently bought two, it is a nice change from all the pink (shh! don't tell!) Just wanted to say hi, I crawled out of bed to check in on you. Let me know when we can chat, I am dying to hear your take on things and let you vent to Matt and I if you need to xox

  12. love the Petra Dress. comfy and chic: always a winning combo in my book!

  13. Loving all the Lilly! I'm also hosting a Lilly themed giveaway on my blog!

  14. I cannot believe there are tar balls there now. Gross! No wonder you are sad:( Love that blue Lilly bathing suit!


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