Monday, February 7, 2011

Confession - Good For The Soul?

Happy Monday! I can't believe the weekend is gone already! Did you enjoy the Super Bowl on Sunday? We did, lots of great food and Green Bay won, so DH and I were happy! And the commercials! Fun, as always! My monkeys did not disappoint! Christina Aguilera and the national anthem though, whew.....that's another story!

They say confession is "good for the soul". I'm not sure who "they" are but you know what I'm saying here. Wanted to show you guys some goodies that are headed my way, as I was a bad, bad, bad Shopaholic last week! I pinky promise that I will be much better this week!

Fun stuff due to arrive today include my Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Top in Great Escape:

Lilly Pulitzer Anders Dress in Booty Caw:

Lilly Pulitzer Twlya Dress in This Blooms For You:

Lilly Pulitzer Vivi Top in Ginky:

Obviously, I ran into some deals that were almost too good to be true! I'll be running up to the post office early today and plan to wear that new Elsa top as early as Wednesday!

What do you think about confessions? Are they "good for the soul" - or should some things be kept secret? Don't think I tell all - ooohhhhh at the secrets I could tell...but we'll save all that for another time!

Hope you have a Marvelous Monday!


  1. Ohhhhh dang girl!!! Love those items. I blogged mine of Sat....I was a lil bad too:) I love it all but that dress, mercy, LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

    I will be sitting at the door today like a dog waiting to hear Mr Browns brakes, HAHA

    I gave up the Super Bowl cause I had to travel the entire day.....if the Saints had been playing again, hubs would have had to have taken a cab to the airport, haha

    I went to the outlets in Gulfport yesterday cause I had to go to the airport. I bought....(((gasp))) JEGGINGS from JCrew, lol. I think they will go great with my splurge last week. (see blog) and a few items for my trip. Girl, then I swung by the Beau, yes all by my self, and walked out with $500 more than I walked in with!!!! (plus a few colorful drinks!)

    We need to do there one day and do a spa day!!!
    Have a great week doll!!


  2. LOVE elsas!!!! Keep your chin up, girl! And those secrets are probably priceless!!! :)

  3. Cute dresses! Where are you getting these great deals Lori?

  4. I've been very very bad the last few weeks. Resort chic wedges, the long tunic in hotty pink floaters, the skirt and Minnie dress in the green floaters, the petula maxi in hotty pink bloomers, the Blake dress in blaring sirens...I'm not even sure what all. BUT I am ready whenever it warms up here. ( i did buy the Minnie and I some more fleece jackets and tops since they're so cheap now)

  5. Oooh all good stuff, especially the Anders dress!! I've been trying SO hard not to be bad! BUT now that I've started getting packages delivered to my office rather than my home it is much easier to hide the habit. This way my fiance doesn't see any packages arrive! ;)

    And personally, I think you should share any secrets you want! :)


  6. What cute purchases! We need to see pics of you enjoying them!

  7. You scored! I love them all

  8. One word: LOVE. I have a confession for you ;-) "I want your closet". hehe XOXO

  9. I've been pretty naughty too (a sweater here, some callahans there), but you've outdone me! I LOVE that Elsa...still trying to resist, but I think I'm gonna give in.

  10. Where did you get the deal of the Twyla? I promise I won't tell.


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