Monday, February 28, 2011

One Less Gallbladder Around Here...

Happy Monday, Shopaholics! Sorry I've been a loser and haven't updated in a week. It's been a crazy ten days around these parts!

You might remember a few days ago, I told you guys that Mother was at the hospital and we didn't really know what was going on. Thankfully all tests on her heart turned out ok (whew!) and the Crohn's disease is not active at this time (whew!). However......her gallbladder was another story. Based on results of a CT scan, the doctors decided it best be removed and soon - it was removed a week ago Saturday.

Mother spent three nights in the hospital and was soooo ready to get home! I camped out over there for a while to monitor her condition. And I have to admit, it was good to take care of someone else for a change! I ironed for my Father, cooked dinners, did laundry, made beds, went grocery shopping. You name it; I did it!

Last Wednesday I took Mother to an appointment for her bi-weekly Remicade infusion. This was scheduled prior to the gallbladder surgery and we asked three of her doctors if she should proceed with the treatment. They all said "yes". Let's just say this, it was NOT a good idea. Mother had a scary reaction to the Remicade. So bad that the nurses stopped treatment at about 25% level. They actually wanted to put her back in the hospital. I was thinking "ooooooh noooooo" not again! Thankfully we were able to see the doctor, have yet *more* tests performed, and take her home. That little episode seemed to set Mother's recovery (from what was initially gallbladder surgery) back; at least a couple of days.

Talk about crazy times! Thank goodness NOW Mother is getting better, a little stronger every day. She's back on Facebook, which is a sure sign of recovery! :-)

Thanks so much for all of your emails, comments, texts and phone calls. Challenging times like last week make me appreciate this wonderful network of friends more than ever. You guys are the best!

Have a great Monday - back to "Fun Stuff" tomorrow!


  1. So glad she's on the mend. Gallbladder attacks are the worst. I've been without mine for almost 2 years.

  2. I am praying for your sweet mother! she has been through so much!


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