Thursday, February 17, 2011

Proof: We Might Get Older, But We Can Always Look Better...

Happy Thursday! The weather here is glorious, nothing but 70+ degree days in the forecast for the next seven days. I do believe the beach is calling!

Yesterday I received an email from an old friend. I hadn't heard from him directly in forever, although we are Facebook friends. Ron and I worked together at ****k for years. He was always a top producer in our DC office (Alexandria, VA to be exact).

Ron sent me this photo, which we believe was taken in 2003. Enjoy.

It's ok. You can stop laughing now, seriously.

A Few Observations:

*I have actually experimented with "bangs" twice during the past ten years. Phillip, I hope you see this. Remember - no bangs. Ever. Even if I kick, scream, cry and insist. Remind me of this photo.
*Longer hair looks much better on me. Length weighs my hair down and flattens it out. This look is wayyyyy too "poofy".
*Kiehl's hair straightener is a lifesaver. See....I've been telling you guys!
*Are you laughing at that 2003 style cell phone on the table? I am!
*Back then, I wasn't brave enough to wear my Lilly when traveling on business. Now I would wear it loud and proud - whether in DC, Seattle or LA.
*I'm also wondering where my Diet Coke was - but proud that I was drinking water instead.

I much prefer my current look. This photo was taken during the holidays. DH and I were at my Nanny's house. 

Never thought I'd say it - but I like how I look at 40 better than at 33. See ladies, growing older doesn't have to be bad. It's all in how you look at it...

Have a fab day!

XOXO, Lori


  1. In 2003 you looked like Kristin Chenoweth.

  2. Lori, You're cracking me up!!!

    Your a beautiful lady, both inside AND out:)

    XO, D

  3. Hahaha! I do believe you grow more into yourself as we gain years of experience and confidence. You look great in both, but the recent one is completely fabulous! ;)

  4. i wrote an entire post a few days ago about how we all age better.... however, I think your 2003 photo is adorable!!! XOXO

  5. I love me better in my forties than ever! Glad you do too!!!


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