Friday, February 4, 2011

New Jewelry Designs & A Discount from Caroline Grace Jewelry!

TGIF, Shopaholics! Are you ready for the weekend? Any big plans? We are expecting a high of 61 degrees on Sunday and I am soooooo ready! :-)

What would you like from your sweetheart for Valentine's Day? Of course the obvious gifts are nice - chocolate covered Godiva strawberries, a new diamond from Cartier, one, two or three dozen roses, etc - but how about a special piece of handmade jewelry from a girl we all know and love?

One of my favorite jewelry designers (and besties, of course) Caroline Grace Jewelry has introduced several new pieces into her line. They are perfect for a "gift to self" or a Valentine's Day gift. My readers know I have blogged about CGJ many times, and it's because her jewelry simply does not disappoint. It's always more beautiful in person than in the photographs. The detail to quality and workmanship in evident, and nothing but the best materials are used in the design process. Each piece is truly a small piece of art.

Meet some of my "new favorites" (most of which are available in her Etsy shop or by contacting her through the Caroline Grace Jewelry Facebook page).

Stick Your Neck Out, Jeweled Leather Cuff Bracelet, $136 (Etsy listing HERE)

Nametag Charm Necklace with Raised Heart, Sterling Silver & 14kt Gold, $455 (Etsy listing HERE)

Sunburst Medallion Earrings, Gold with Swarovski Crystal, $58 (Etsy listing HERE)

Last but certainly not least - my new "Must Have" piece. Meet the "Michelle" monogrammed necklace. This beauty is available in Sterling Silver, 14kt gold and gold filled. Pricing is on the Facebook page (link HERE).

If you'd like me, you already have several favorites picked out! Now - for some really fantastic news!

Caroline Grace Jewelry is offering a "Shopaholic Special" discount to all Shopaholic In Alabama readers! Please use the following codes during the Etsy checkout process:

Shopaholic25 - good for 25% off any purchase, other than Nametag necklaces or the new Michelle necklace.
Shopaholic15 - good for 15% off any Nametag or Michelle necklaces. This is a marvelous deal, as the nametag (of course and new Michelle) necklaces are rarely discounted!

Time to get busy making those wish lists! Have a great Friday, and a safe weekend!

p.s. Caroline Grace doesn't pay me to write this - however she has been known to bring me a pretty pair of earrings when she comes to the beach to visit. I think she figures it pays for the extra power we use while she's here - hairdryers and hot rollers, mainly. :-)


  1. Uh oh, my hot roller secret is out... I'm sure D will get a kick out of that! LOL.

  2. I'm in love with that Michelle Monogrammed Necklace! Sounds like a great Valentine's Day present to me - from me! :) Happy Friday, Lori!

  3. I am LOVING the bracelet! Now to see if he truly loves me as much as he says he does! :) Just kidding...

  4. I adore the Michelle necklace! So gorgeous. xoxo

  5. Like everyone else, I think the monogramed necklace is gorgeous!! I have been seeing a lot of those lately!
    The medallion earrings are so fun as well!


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