Monday, June 11, 2012

Awesome Shrimp Salad

Here's what happens when it rains allllll weekend (anywhere from 12" - 21" from Mobile, Gulf Shores to Pensacola). We stay inside and we cook, then we eat! We watch old movies and we eat some more. 

I don't even want to confess how many HOURS I spent on Pinterest this weekend (those who already follow me probably know, I was a pinning fool for the past few days). Pinterest is dangerous to me, because I find so many new recipes I want to try. Friday night, I found the above recipe for "Dauphin Island Shrimp Salad" - and hey, I was at Dauphin Island I sent the DH and my Father to the seafood market on Saturday morning and viola - Shrimp Salad! 

Giving credit where it's due: if you enjoy southern cooking, especially with seafood - you simply must check out "Drick's Rambling Cafe". His blog is chock full of so many marvelous recipes! The author is from the Gulf Coast, and boy can you tell! I'm sure I'll be trying another recipe this weekend! 

Variation: while I followed Drick's shrimp salad recipe, I added a few tablespoons of no-sugar-added sweet pickle relish. 

What do you think? Have you ever made a shrimp pasta salad? Have a great Monday! 


  1. I'm starving for lunch right now, and that shrimp salad is killing me. Delivery, please? :)

    I'm afraid to venture onto Pinterest too long, for the very reason I'll get way too addicted!!!

  2. Hey Lori, thanks so much for the shout-out and so glad you liked the recipe, good choice with the relish .. I must confess, I often add a spicy chow-chow to seafood salads to wake them up a bit...
    great site you have, looks like a lot of fun... take care and have a blessed remaining week


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