Friday, June 15, 2012

National Flip Flop Day

TGIF! Wow, what an incredibly long week it has been here. I'm looking forward to a weekend spent in the sun - doing what we planned last weekend but couldn't do because of all the rain! 

Are you wearing your flip flops today, in honor of National Flip Flop Day? Originally created by Tropical Smoothie Cafe, on National Flip Flop Day you can wear your flips to a Tropical Smoothie location (certain hours only) and receive a free Jetty Punch smoothie. Sadly, I won't be near a TS Cafe today to get a free smoothie, but I still love my flips and try to integrate some of the dressier ones into my Friday work wardrobe! 

Some of my favorite flip flops include:

Bahamas Jelly by Jack Rogers - I only have one pair of these but am coveting more! Maybe soon...

Havaianas Slim - I would conservatively estimate I have at least 15 pairs of Havaianas, in different colors and styles.  You can't have too many of these! 

I also love to wear crystallized and blinged flip flops, but my friends that is a whole 'nother post! ha! 

Have a Fantastic Friday - hope you are sporting your favorite flip flops today! 


  1. I did I did! Jack Roger Jellies? I am dying!

  2. I never knew June 15th was national flip flop day. I live in my girls flip flops year round (and I'm currently in New Jersey). You are absolutely correct. You can never have too many pairs of Havaianas. I have at least 20 that I wear.


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