Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Father, My Hero

            Tuscaloosa, AL, Alabama vs. Tennessee, 10/22/11 

Happy Father's Day! Today I hope you are enjoying a day of fun and festivities with those who are important to you! Whether it's your Father, your husband, your grandfather, uncle or adopted family - today is the day to pamper your favorite people. 

As you all know, family is very important to me. Me and the hubby spend a lot of time with my parents, and we have a very close relationship. When something good happens, I call my parents. When something bad happens, I call my parents. I truly value every moment I spend with them, and have always been close with my father. 

My father is the one who always tells me like it is. His advice is quite famous around these parts. Some of my favorite advice and general sayings over the years:

"Lori, you need to dump that guy. He's a loser, and he can't even afford your hair products". (regarding an old boyfriend - needless to say, my Father was correct. I'm pretty sure that particular dude can't even afford his own dental health plan now, bahahaha!)

"Here's what you need to do. Take today to be upset. Allow yourself to feel bad, but do it today only. Get your butt up tomorrow morning, and start working on another plan. Put that job, that place, and those people to your back".  (regarding an old job - I was miserable and it wasn't getting better. He knew exactly what I should do). 

       Alcatraz, San Francisco, June 1986. Thankfully they let us out! 

"In God We Trust, but all others pay cash". (self explanatory, great life advice).
"You need to sue the city" to one of my BFF's at Talladega. "Why?", my BFF asked my Father. "Because, they built the sidewalk too close to your a**". (Giving her grief about being short, all in good fun, she's a honorary member of the family). 
Boating on Dauphin Island, May 2012

Please join me in wishing my sweet Father a very "Happy Father's Day" - and enjoy your day with those special to you. Also keep in mind that this is a lonely day for many people - those who have suffered the loss of their Fathers, who were never close with their Fathers or maybe never knew their Father. Make an effort to reach out to them today. If that is your situation, please accept a virtual ((HUG)) from our family!  

Happy Sunday! 

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  1. Our father's sound alike! Hope you have a wonderful day with yours. :)


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