Friday, August 20, 2010

Gigi's Hidden Treasures - Day Fifteen of Shopaholic Birthday Giveaway Days!

TGIF, Shopaholics! Has your week been crazy? Mine has - my birthday celebrations have continued with lunches and dinners out with the BFF's, more gifts arriving, and a major shopping spree over at the online Lilly Pulitzer sale. (More about that in another post). See? I told you - Leos take their "birthday month" very, very seriously! 

Welcome to Day Fifteen of Shopaholic Birthday Giveaway Days! I'm hosting these in honor of my 40th birthday. It was on August 12....but we're still celebrating! Hopefully you're enjoying the birthday celebration as much as I am (and will continue to, we're having a little party on Saturday). This has been a fun way to stop thinking about getting older, and profile some of my favorite designers, websites, stores and brands!

Thanks so much to my wonderful friend Hannah at Gigi's Hidden Treasures in Cartersville, GA. Gigi's is the lovely store sponsoring today's giveaway! Rest assured, if I lived in the ATL metro area, I'd visit Gigi's often! This looks like the cutest store, with a wonderful selection of merchandise we all LOVE.

Hello Tervis Tumblers, Vera Bradley, Tyler Candle Co. (my favorite - Beach Blonde - surprise!), Malabar Bay, monogrammed clogs and sandals, as well as many many others! Whatever your gift giving needs, or personal "wants", Gigi's has you covered! Check out their website HERE

For today's giveaway, Gigi's Hidden Treasures is offering one lucky Shopaholic In Alabama reader a Malabar Bay coverup/tunic in a beautiful pink and green print. The tunics are sized S/M or M/L and the winner has their choice of size. How pretty is this coverup? I wish I had one! :-) One lucky Shopaholic reader is going to be very, very happy!

Guess what? That's not all the good news! Gigi's is also offering all Shopaholic readers a 20% discount on their orders, for the duration of this giveaway period! What a great deal! It's a perfect time to pick up a few special treats for yourself, or get a head start on that holiday shopping! Please browse the website HERE and then call the store (770-387-1020) to place your order. Hannah and her staff are ready and eager to assist with all your gift giving needs!  Nice, huh!?!?

Now...are you ready to enter the coverup giveaway?  Please just follow these simple instructions...

1) Sign up to follow Shopaholic In Alabama blog (or comment that you already do) for ONE entry.
2) "Like" Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook for ONE entry.
3) Follow Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter (@shopaholicinal) for ONE entry.
4) Comment with your favorite item from the Gigi's Hidden Treasures website for ONE entry. (MUST DO TO QUALIFY FOR THE GIVEAWAY)
5) "Like" Gigi's Hidden Treasures on Facebook for ONE entry.
6) Sign up to "follow" the Gigi's Hidden Treasures blog HERE for ONE entry.
7) "Share" this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter using the button on the right side of this blog for ONE or TWO additional entries. Or blog about it for TWO additional entries.

Please comment letting me know how many entries you have. Additionally, be sure to provide me with the link to your Facebook, Twitter or blog post so I can verify. Thanks! :-)

The giveaway period will end on Thursday, August 26. After a random drawing, the winner will be announced (on Facebook first, then on the blog) on Friday, August 27.

Good luck to everyone, and thanks for hanging with me the past week! Have a Fantastic Friday! 


  1. I follow your blog via gfc!
    mrunamistry at gmail dot com

  2. I love the half unfinished wall in their store..the one behind the bathtub display!
    mrunamistry at gmail dot com

  3. I am a follower! What a precious tunic!

  4. I follow your blog, I like you on facebook, I follow you on twitter and my fave item is the initial toilet paper!

    4 entries!

  5. 1,2,3,& for #4: I confess, I have loved Vera Bradley's Loves Me pattern forever and see she carries it, so that would be my fave.

    However, I have to add that when you click on her Christmas link, that the ladder with lights is just adorable!

  6. Oh, how lovely! You are so much fun!

    I love the tunic, & I actually go to ATL a few times a year, so I am adding that to my list of shops I *must* visit!

    1) I follow the Shopaholic in Alabama blog.
    2) I "like" Shopaholic in Alabama on Facebook.
    3) I follow Shopaholic in Alabama on Twitter.
    4) My favorite item from the Gigi's Hidden Treasures website, if not the tunic you are giving away, is the pair of Malabar Bay pajamas. They are lovely!
    5) I "liked" Gigi's Hidden Treasures on Facebook.
    6) I shared this giveaway on Twitter.

    I think that makes six! Headed back over to the Gigi's website now!

  7. Wow, another great giveaway. I'm a follower.

  8. Thank you for sharing this shop with the rest of us, I love it!!! My favorite is the red and white monogrammed zebra clogs.
    ~ I follow your blog
    ~ I follow Gigi's Blog
    ~ I tweeted about givaway on twitter
    ~ I shared givaway on facebook
    ~ I "liked" Shopaholic in Alabama on facebook!
    Please enter me in the contest!

  9. 1. I follow your blog.
    2. I follow Gigi's blog
    3. I like you on FB
    4. My fave is that coverup, but I do like the Turvis tumblers and Tyler candles.


  10. Love that cover up!! Already a follower!

  11. I like the cute little hair bows! :)
    I am a follower :)
    I am a follower on facebook :)
    and I am a follower on twitter :)

  12. 1) Follower!
    2) "Like" on FB
    3) Follow on Twitter
    4) The Fleur de Lis toilet paper would be such a fun(ny) gift to give to my NOLA friend :)

    4 entries please!

  13. 1) I follow your blog!!
    2) Follow you on twitter (@sarahbkane)
    3) I follow Gigi's Blog
    4) My favorite thing from the store are the personalized Tervis Tumblers! I love TT so much :)


  14. 1. I follow your blog
    2. I've "Liked" you on Facebook (!/ShopaholicInAlabama?ref=ts)
    3. I follow you on Twitter (MaeciM)
    4. I love the Vera Bradley print in "Poppy Fields" at Gigi's
    5. I "Liked" Gigi's on Facebook (
    6. I follow Gigi's blog

    6 entries total! I hope I win. :)

  15. I love the cover up but those monogrammed zebra clogs are to die for!

  16. so much fun! 4 entries!
    1) follow shopaholic
    2) like shopaholic on facebook
    4) love the tervis!
    5) like gigi's hidden treasures on facebook

  17. 1) I follow your blog!
    2) I "like" SIAL in FB
    3) I follow on Twitter!
    5) I "like" Gigi's on FB
    6) I follow Gigi's blog
    7) I reposted this on my blog!

  18. 1. The Ballmanias are so much fun! I might need to order a dozen as Christmas treats. I've never seen those before.

    2. I follow your blog.

    3. I am a FB friend of yours

  19. 1. I follow

    2. I love the wine bottle woozies!!

  20. 1- I follow your blog with GFC
    2- I follow you on facebook
    3- I follow you on twitter
    4- I love the Malabar Bay lounge pants. That coverup is really great too! Oh & woozies, never seen them before~ they'd make such fun stocking stuffers for my family!
    5- I shared on facebook
    6- I tweeted!

  21. I am a blog follower an a FB fan! love the dogeared light as a feather necklace. I also blogged about the giveaway

  22. What a cute coverup!
    1. I am a follower!
    2. I like you on fb, I am not sure how to do a link, but my real name is Nancy Bridgeman, if that helps!! :)
    3. I love wearing pjs, and those Malabar Bay pajamas are so cute! And for $48, what a deal!
    4.I like Gigi's Hidden Treasures on FB.
    5. I am now a follower of Gigi's Hidden Treasures!

  23. I am glad I stopped in!! I love the woozies on Gigi's site. They are so cute and would be so handy. Here is my comment! Hope your birthday was a blast. I love the pink/green coverup! So much better than the common black one I have! I guess this makes 1 entry. Thank you!

  24. Oh yeah, I am already a follower…so two entries?


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