Sunday, August 8, 2010

Votre Vu - Day Eleven of Shopaholic Birthday Giveaway Days!

Happy Sunday Fun Day, my Shopaholic pals!

Welcome to Day Eleven (can you believe it?) of Shopaholic Birthday Giveaway Days! I'm hosting these in honor of my 40th birthday coming on August's a fun way to stop thinking about getting older, and profile some of my favorite designers, websites, stores and brands! HA

Thanks so much to fellow Bama Girl living up north now, Michelle Rapoza, for sponsoring our Day Eleven giveaway! Not only is Michelle my personal Votre Vu rep, she's also a wonderful lady and a great friend! (see Michelle's website HERE)

Have you experienced Votre Vu yet? Votre Vu is a botanically based, French skin care line. We all know the French are fabulous innovators in the skin care and beauty industries, and Votre Vu is no exception! Votre Vu has only been distributed in the US since 2009 and they're taking the industry by storm. Word on the street is they'll be on "Oprah" soon - perhaps one of Oprah's Favorite Things? :-)

Michelle is generously offering a fantastic giveaway in honor of my 40th Birthday celebration! Meet The "Royal Masquerade Set" (link HERE).

According to the website, this set: Your skin will look and feel enchanted, like a fair maiden at the palace ball with this regal duette of Royal Treatment Gentle Pearls Scrub and Calm, Cool and Collected organic masque. Prepare yourself with the gentle refining pearl scrub and then linger in the lush 3 C's masque. It is so comforting and mild, you can take your time and not watch the clock in fear. All eyes will be on your radiant skin that feels silky smooth and soft, perfect for showing off.

Baby Your Face No Matter Your Age

Royal Treatment- 1.35 fl.oz e 40ml
Calm, Cool, and Collected - 1.35 fl.oz e 40m
Retail Value $65

Now I don't know about you, but my almost 40 year old face can use all the help it can get at this point! Don't miss this opportunity to try a few new wonderful products! One lucky Shopaholic reader is going to be very happy AND have great looking, healthy skin!

I also wanted to tell you guys, several months ago I tried the Portrait Collar Restorative Neck Creme (view it HERE). I must say, it has made the aging skin on my neck look and feel soooo much better! About a year ago, I started to notice the skin on my neck was aging differently than the skin on my face and knew I had to do something! Sad to report, I'm out of Neck Creme now and need to replace my stock. Time to hit up Michelle's website and place an order! 

Now for the fun part! How to enter to win today's giveaway:

1) Sign up to follow Shopaholic In Alabama blog (or comment that you already do) for ONE entry.
2) "Like" Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook for ONE entry.
3) Follow Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter (@shopaholicinal) for ONE entry.
4) Comment with your most pressing skin concern for ONE entry. (YOU MUST DO TO QUALIFY FOR THE GIVEAWAY)
5) "Like" Votre Vu on Facebook for ONE entry.
6) "Share" this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter using the button on the right side of this blog for ONE or TWO additional entries. Or blog about it for TWO additional entries.
7) Sign up to follow Va Va Va Voom blog for ONE entry. 

Please comment letting me know how many entries you have. Additionally, be sure to provide me with the link to your Facebook, Twitter or blog post so I can verify. Thanks! :-)

The giveaway period will end on Saturday, August 14. After a random drawing, the winner will be announced (on Facebook first, then on the blog) on Sunday, August 15.

Good luck to everyone - don't forget to enter - and tune in tomorrow for another fun giveaway!

Have a great day! p.s. Today is the last day to enter The Preppy Ladybug giveaway (original post HERE)


  1. Hey Lori( I'm your friend, Prussiah if you recall from SL). I just remembered you blogged and junk so I thought I'd check and enter! Whoo! If you count me already being a like-er of your shopaholic in al then I would have a total of 3 entries ( your fb page, votre vu is liked, and this here comment). My major concern as far as my skin is the dark marks from old acne scars, they can be tricky to cover and I haven't found a way to get rid of them!!/MichelleNGlass

    And I don't know if my last one here is another post.

  2. - I follow your blog
    - My main concern is how my skin handles the high humidity that we have here in Florida. It often makes my skin oily ... but! when ever the humidity drops a bit - my skin gets dry. ha!
    - I am now a follower of the Va Va Va Voom blog

    TOTAL: 3 entries

  3. I follow your blog!
    And your twitter!
    I like you on facebook!
    My most pressing skin concern is how it gets oily after I sweat, and then I break out :/

  4. Back for more. What a great one! At 40, I'm concerned about age spots on my face.
    I've got 6 entries. :)

  5. 1. I follow your blog
    2. I like you on fb
    3. My main concern is that my face has gotten too much sun and I'm going to be wrinkldy way too early!

  6. I like you on fb, I like Votre Vu on facebook, and my concern is sun spots from the sun.
    3 Entries, Thanks!!

  7. I follow you and like you on facebook!
    My most pressing skin concern is my melasma on my face from pregnancy! Blah!

  8. 1. I am a follower of SIA

    2) I like shopaholic in AL on facebook

    3) I liked Votre Vu on FB

    4) I tend to have try skin, and I would LOVE to get rid of the dryness

    Thanks for hosting! 4 entries please! <3

  9. I follow your blog, I like you on facebook, I follow you on twitter and I hate that my skin gets so oily in the sun.

    4 entries!!

  10. Oh, how fun! Happy Birthday!
    1. Follower
    2. Like on Facebook
    3. Follower on Twitter
    4. Hate forehead lines!
    5. Like Votre Vu on Facebook
    6. Tweet,Tweet:
    7. Following Va Va Va Voom!

  11. 1) follow shopaholic
    2) like shopaholic on facebook
    4) sun issues!
    5) like votre vu on facebook

  12. 1. follow S in Al
    2. Like S in al on facebook
    2. brown spots from too much sun. oops

  13. Aging skin is my main concern: sun spots, dryness, thinning, etc.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. And I'm a follower on bloglovin'.

  15. 1) I'm a follower!
    2) I follow you on twitter!
    3) Skin concern- I have combination skin, really really dry in some parts and super oily in others. I move around a lot (Maine, Florida, etc) and my combination skin does not do well with the varying temperatures! =(

    3 entries for me please!

  16. 1. Follow your blog
    2. Like you on Facebook
    3. Dark spots probably from too much sun like many others have said. I do want to try the restorative lotion for my neck. Like the fact that you already endorse it!
    4. Like Votre Vu on facebook
    5. Signed up to follow VaVaVoom blog.

    Thanks for 5 entries!

  17. So excited to see who wins. Thanks Lori for all of your fun giveaways. I'm on my way home after dropping my daughter off at BAMA, ROLL TIDE ROLL... girls.... please check out the Oh Lighten Up on my website.... brand new fabulous product getting tons of great reviews. OIly or combo skin balance out with a toner.... stay tuned for some great tips on my blog when I return.

  18. 1) I follow your blog
    2) Follow you on twitter (@sbk10)
    3) My most pressing skin concern is dry skin
    4) I follow the va va va voom blog

    Thanks so much!

  19. 1- I follow you with GFC
    2- I follow you on twitter
    3- I like you on facebook.
    4- My face issue at the moment is shine & chin zits! I'm almost 30 isn't acne supposed to be over?!
    Happy early bithday!

  20. 1) I follow Shopaholic In Alabama blog
    2) I "Like" Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook.
    3) I Follow Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter
    4) My most pressing skin concern is darkness under my eyes and acne on my hair line.
    5) I "Like" Votre Vu on Facebook

    Thanks so much. These products look amazing.

  21. 1. I follow your blog!
    2. I follow you on twitter!
    3. My most pressing skin issue is making sure I start an anti aging routine now

  22. I follow your blog, I like you on FB, and my annoying skin issue is the fact that now I get acne welts - what is going on in my post 40 years? And they leave scars - not what I need right now! - 3 entries for me - and slight depression over annoying skin....


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