Monday, August 2, 2010

The Preppy Ladybug - Day Six of Shopaholic Birthday Giveaway Days!

Happy Monday, Shopaholic friends!

Welcome to Day Six of Shopaholic Birthday Giveaway Days! I'm hosting these in honor of my 40th birthday coming on August's a fun way to stop thinking about getting older, and profile some of my favorite designers, websites, stores and brands! HA

Thanks so much to Shannon at the lovely Etsy Shop, The Preppy Ladybug, for  sponsoring our Day Six giveaway! By now, my love of custom stationery, address labels, and party decor is well documented! When Shannon contacted me and I was introduced to her creations, I fell in love!  I know you all are going to love this line too! 

Today's giveaway is a set of one of The Preppy Ladybug's best selling items, the Bumblebee Honeycomb Address Label Stickers (Etsy listing HERE) and a set of the Bumblebee Honeycomb Flat Correspondence note cards (Etsy listing HERE). I don't know about you, but I think these pink and green bumblebees are the cutest things ever! One lucky Shopaholic reader will receive this set, personalized with their desired information.

But hey - the good news doesn't end there! :-) In addition to providing us with such a preppy pink and green giveaway, The Preppy Ladybug is also offering a "Shopaholic Special" to all readers! For the next (7) days, all Shopaholics readers will receive a 20% discount on any purchase from the Shannon's Etsy shop!

There are two ways to take advantage of this discount:

1) Make your purchase on Etsy, and pay as normal. Then message The Preppy Ladybug that you are a Shopaholic reader, and she will refund the 20% discount back to you through Paypal.

2) Make your purchase on Etsy, then message The Preppy Ladybug, telling her you are a Shopaholic reader, and ask for an adjusted invoice. Then she will provide you with the updated amount and you can remit payment.

This is a great time to try another wonderful stationery designer, and the time has never been better with the 20% Shopaholic discount! 

Here are a few of my suggestions (besides the Bumblebee items, which I am already tempted to order!). 

Lined Envelopes with Notecards, Tickled Pink & Green, set of 12, $20.00 (Etsy listing HERE)

Pink Coral Monogrammed Flat Correspondence Note Cards, set of 12, $12.50 (Etsy listing HERE)

Let the giveaway begin! How to enter to win the Bumblebee notecards and labels:

1) Sign up to follow Shopaholic In Alabama blog (or comment that you already do) for ONE entry.
2) "Like" Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook for ONE entry.
3) Follow Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter (@shopaholicinal) for ONE entry.
4) Comment with your favorite item from The Preppy Ladybug's Etsy site for ONE entry. (MUST DO TO QUALIFY FOR THE GIVEAWAY)
5) "Like" The Preppy Ladybug on Facebook for ONE entry.
6) Follow The Preppy Ladybug on Twitter (@PreppyLadybug) for ONE entry.
7) "Share" this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter using the button on the right side of this blog for ONE or TWO additional entries.
8) Blog about this giveaway for TWO additional entries.

Please comment letting me know how many entries you have. Additionally, be sure to provide me with the link to your Facebook, Blog or Twitter post so I can verify. Thanks! :-)

The giveaway period will end on Sunday, August 8. After a random drawing, the winner will be announced (on Facebook first, then on the blog) on Monday, August 9.

Good luck to everyone - don't forget to enter - and tune in tomorrow for another fun giveaway!

Have a Marvelous Monday!


  1. I follow here, follow both of you on fb, I'm off to share on fb and my blog, I LOVE the circle seals in two colors from her shop. Think that's good for 8 entries.
    Thanks much, the Preppy Ladybug is new to me. I going to place an order with her right away!

  2. I'm a follower, I am a fan of yours on facebook, I follow you on twitter, and I love the anchor red stripe address label stickers!

  3. I follow your blog, I like you on facebook, I follow you on twitter (KimberlyLParker is my name) and my fave item for the site are the tissue paper pom pom decorations

    Thats 4 entries!

  4. 1.I am already a follower

    2. I have "liked" you on FB

    4. I like the Auburn University Note Card

    5. I have "liked" The Preppy Ladybug on FB

    7. I have shared this on my FB

  5. You have the perfect timing on all of these wonderful giveaways and discounts on stationary items! With a new address I am in NEED of new address labels (which are my favorite btw) and I just love her stuff!
    I am a follower, I am a follower on Twitter and FB, I love the address stickers with the bee! and I liked TPL on FB! Thanks so much, 40 is fabulous, no?

  6. I am a follower of your blog.

    These are almost too beautiful to use but then people wouldn't be able to see what wonderful items they are.

  7. Oh I love the preppy ladybug- her shop's been a fave of mine on etsy for a while. love the navy + red plaid w/ lobster cards!

    I am a follower of yours and I like you and the preppy ladybug on etsy too

  8. I love the owl invitiation & camp notes.
    I follow with GFC.
    I like on facebook.
    I follow you on twitter.
    Four entries for now! I'll probably tweet about it later (can't from work!).

  9. 1) LOVE your blog
    2)I "Like" Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook
    3) My Favorite TPL item are the Bumble Bee cards, I relaly want to give them to a friend for her birthday, but they are sold out right now :-(
    4) I "Like" The Preppy Ladybug on Facebook

    Happy Birthday-palooza!

  10. OMG, Awsome...Ok I usually out a separate entry for each one but this time I'll follow Jilly :) I'm a follower of both, I'm a friend of both, I LOVE EVERYTHING and can't decide on one, and I'm definately going to blog about this one too. Is that 6 entries or 7?

  11. Oh, I have her hearted on Etsy. Is that an entry?

  12. Hi! :)
    1. I follow you :)
    2. I follow you on twitter :)
    3. I follow you on facebook :)
    4. I like the Lined Envelopes with Notecards from her etsy shop
    5. I "like" the preppy ladybug on facebook :)

  13. Hey ladies - I follow both of ya;ll on facebook , twitter and now etsy too with southern mommas. Love the pink/orange whale label but I am for sure a " bee " girl and would love to win the giveaway :) Going to send this out obn facebook to . My email is
    as always thanks for having a wonderful giveaway !Tootles, Melissa ( southern mommas , the southern marketplace )

  14. Cute etsy shoppe!
    1-I follow your blog
    2-I like you on facebook
    3-My favorite is the 2 color monogram round address labels.
    3 for me!

  15. I followed your blog and liked you on FB. You picked a great number of items for you giveaway! Love them all! Good Luck to all the entries & me =D

  16. Happy Birthday Lori!
    1. I follow you on the blog
    2. Like you on FB
    3. Follow you on Twitter
    4. My favorite is the Pink Coral Monogram flatcard but it is totally sold out as of now
    5. I like Preppy Ladybug on FB
    Thanks for another GREAT giveaway!

  17. I am a follower and I love the flat correspondence cards in pink coral!!

  18. Very cute giveaway!

    1) I follow your blog
    2) Follow you on twitter (@sbk10)
    3) Follow the Preppy Ladybug on twitter
    4) I Love the two color round monogrammed address labels!

  19. thanks so much! 4 entries!
    1) follow shopaholic
    2) like shopaholic on facebook
    4) love the owl invitations/notecards!
    5) like the preppy ladybug on facebook

  20. 1) I'm follower!
    2) I follow you on twitter!
    3) I love the Pink and Orange Whale Flat correspondence card from The Preppy Ladybug's Etsy site!

    That makes 3 for me!!

  21. I follow your blog
    I like SIA on FB
    I follow you on Twitter
    My fave item is actually the Pink Coral Monogrammed Cards! Love!!!
    I tweeted:

    Count me in for 5 entries please:)

  22. 1. I'm a follower!
    2. I like you on FB!
    3. My fave item on the Preppy Ladybug is the pink and orange whale address labels! So cute!

  23. I follow you and I love the pineapple address label stickers!!

    2 for me :)

  24. I follow your blog. I follow your twitter. I follow the Preppy Ladybug on twitter. My favorite item is the Pink Coral Monogrammed Flat Correspondence Card set. I'm adding this to my blog sidebar now.

  25. I have numbers 1-5 covered! And my fave are actually the ones in your giveaway! I just love the green honeycomb.... xoxo Have a fab day!

  26. What a great giveaway! I'm already a follower of yours, and my favorite items are the flat correspondence cards. Thanks!

  27. I am all in today....follow, like, like, tweet, FB'd, blogged. My fave is the preppy whale flat note and all the extras in the g
    group! My blogging included ALL of the giveaways, though. Happy Tuesday!

  28. Yet another amazing giveaway! :)

    I follow you, and "like" you on Facebook. :)

  29. I follow you on twitter (@FSUfashiongirl), facebook ( & followed @preppyladybug on twitter :)

    Thanks for the giveaway <3

  30. 1) I follow your blog

    2) I follow you on Twitter @buckeyebritt24

    3) my favorite item is the personalized note cards that are pink with zebra print

    4) I Follow The Preppy Ladybug on Twitter

  31. Really any of the address labels would be wonderful!

  32. And I'm a follower on bloglovin'!

  33. I shared on facebook & tweeted
    So including my four from earlier, now 6 total entries!

  34. I thought I just posted this, but maybe not. I shared on facebook & just tweeted ~

    Had 4 entires above. So total of 6 now. :)

  35. Count me in for 8 entries, and my FAVORITE item is the fabulous bee collection in the giveaway! What luck! xxoo

  36. 1) I follow Shopaholic In Alabama blog (
    2) I "Like" Shopaholic In Alabama on Facebook
    3)I Follow Shopaholic In Alabama on Twitter
    4) My favorite item is the Bumble Bee Honeycomb Address Label Stickers
    5) I "Like" The Preppy Ladybug on Facebook
    6) I Follow The Preppy Ladybug on Twitter (JaimeHuffman)

    Thanks so much!

  37. 1. I'm a blog follower
    2. I'm a FB follower
    3. My favorite thing in the store is the Bumble Bee Honeybee flat notecard
    4. I like the Preppy Ladybug on FB

  38. 1. I follow your blog
    2. I like you on fb (Eliza Trumbower)
    1. I like preppy ladybug on fb
    4. Love the one you are giving away, the bumble bee honeycomb notecards (my family are beekeepers!!)

  39. My favorite item is the red and blue plaid lobster notecards with the little lobster in the corner, so nautical, I have a soft spot for lobster prints because my dad lobseter fishes.

    I am a follower too and reposted the giveaway here so that is four entries.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. I'm a follower!
    I'm a fan on fb!
    I love Preppy Ladybug anchor stickers!
    I'm a fan of Preppy Ladybug on FB!
    I blogged about this!

    6 entries!!

  42. This store has the most adorable items :) Keeping my fingers crossed that you pick me.
    I am a follower. My favorite item in this store is of course the UGA flat correspondence cards! That makes 2 entries for me, thanks

  43. 1. I'm a follower.
    2. I love the pink and green monogrammed round address labels. I love all of her items, they are so cute!

  44. Umm can you tell i have been on vacation and away from blogging!? Otherwise I'd have been the first to enter this one :)

    I am already a follower of your blog
    I like you on FBook
    I follow you on Twitter (@jdeeterwell)
    My favorite Preppy Ladybug stuff is all of the pink and green Bumble Bee Honeycomb
    I like The Preppy Ladybug on FBook
    I follow @preppyladybug on Twitter
    I shared this on Twitter

    That's 7 entries for me!

    *Link to my FBook-


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