Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Tribute To My Girl Lisa

Today I take a break in the scheduled post, to pay tribute to my dear friend Lisa.

Many of you knew Lisa as the blogger "Bumpkin On A Swing". When I started blogging back last winter, Lisa and I immediately hit it off and became fast friends. Lisa's comments on my blog always lifted my spirits - and more than that - we just connected. Sometimes we do this with someone we don't "really know" in person, but we do know through this wonderful and mysterious blogging community.

Lisa was REAL. She loved her Captain, she loved her animals, and she loved this coast. She was smart. She was passionate about her causes. I will forever recall that reading her blog, long before NBC, CNN or Fox was talking about the oil spill, I knew our Gulf Coast was in real trouble. Lisa and I emailed about that soooo many times, I cannot begin to tell you how we comforted one another through the stress and anxiety of the situation.

Lisa and I shared a passion for so many things - fashion, food, American Idol, our Gulf Coast, our Captains, suntanning, blue drinks, and good friends. For those who might not be long time Shopaholic readers, here is a map Lisa created at the height of oil spill. She did this to show both of our readers "where" we were on the map.

We had plans to meet here in a few weeks....

And we were going to have some of these....

Instead my dear friend, you are now at peace and resting. This ovarian cancer is a relentless and silent killer. You didn't have enough time here. For this, I am sad. However, I am comforted knowing that you dealt with this in the way you wanted and on your terms. Your passing was peaceful, for which I am eternally grateful.

Tonight I will celebrate you with your Captain, BFF Trish, family and friends.  Your swing might be empty during this celebration, but you will forever be in our hearts. We love you and we're going to miss you, Lisa.

p.s. If you'd like to leave some love for Lisa's Captain and family here, I will make sure they see it. You can also leave a comment on Lisa's blog HERE - and read Trish's beautiful tribute.


  1. Sending some love to you. I'm sad to see her go as well.


  2. How is it that some of us read the same blogs and have the same blog friends and yet I had never been to her wonderful blog until recently? Her blog was beautiful.

    Your post is lovely Lori. And you are right Ovarian cancer is a horrid, relentless, merciless killer. As you know I lost my sister in law to it in January. It just sucks -- plain and simple.

  3. I first commented on Trish's blog, then Lily Lemontree's... and now yours. I did not read Lisa's blog, but spend quite a bit of time reading and looking at her older posts last night. God bless her...

  4. I am so sorry for your loss and for the Captain's loss. I just can't imagine. I am glad you will be there with Trish and Lisa's family tonight. Y'all are all in our prayers!

  5. I didn't have the privilege of personally knowing Lisa and just know found her blog through you & Trish. It is evident that she was a lovely person and brings tears when I read these posts knowing that she is gone way too soon. Cancer sucks, especially a silent killer like ovarian cancer. This hits home for me being the same age. I take away the lesson to enjoy every day we have because they are truly gifts and we never know when they will end.

    This is a lovely post. Please tell the Captain and all of Lisa's family & friends that I am praying for them. I am glad you will be with them tonight. (((((hugs)))))

  6. She was such a daring and darling soul and will be missed by so many.

    Her comments always made my day, her passion gave me inspiration.

    Beautiful post, hearts ache.

  7. I am so, so sorry about your dear friend!

  8. So sorry for your loss, sending prayers.

  9. How terribly tragic! So sorry for her sweet family and friends. Cancer is a merciless killer. Our prayers are with you all.

  10. Sending my love & prayers to you all. I just came across her blog as well as your & Trishs a few weeks ago. I am sad that I didn't get to know her more personally but am thankful to "know" her through her blog and you all.I am sorry for your loss. (((HUGS)))sweetie. His love and mine-Daphne

  11. Wow, she was really her family and the people she met through her blog! What a wonderful person! God Bless Lisa!

  12. I'm sorry for your loss :( I was fortunate enough to "know" Lisa via blogging. While our relationship wasn't as strong as yours, I can still understand how amazing she truly was and how those closer to her will truly miss her.

    When the oil spill first happened it was her blog that I went to for info. She so kindly emailed me to explained the situation to this unknowing LA girl a world away from the chaos in the Gulf.

    Such a nice, nice woman.

    She brought cheer to the blogosphere and world, and will truly be missed.

  13. She was such a gem. Thank you for this post, and I'm so sorry for your loss. It's got to be so much harder for those of you who had face-to-face relationships with our Bumpkin.
    I did a tribute post too, and I'm joining your following. Lisa would want us to keep connecting, and I feel the need.


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