Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sandal World Discount!

Happy Tuesday, Shopaholics! Hope you are doing wonderful and enjoying a stress free start to the week!

Today I wanted to share a wonderful discount with you! My friends at Sandal World (website HERE) are tempting me again! Do I really need another pair of shoes?  Yep, when it's discount time at Sandal World and we're talking Mystiques and Jack Rogers, I surely do! 

Between now and August 28, 2010 - all online purchases are 20% off with the code "SW20". Cue music straight out of 80's, Top Gun and Kenny Loggins......."right into the danger zone"....

Thank goodness I already own these...

Mystique Jewel Flower Gold, $120 (link HERE)

Coveting these for a Gulf Coast fall season (hey, don't judge, I refuse to wear closed toe shoes until the temps drop below 60 degrees as a high!)...

Mystique Rhinestone Bronze, $155 (link HERE)

And no joke, I really do "need" these...

Jack Rogers Hi Wedge Gold Snake, $145 (link HERE)

What are your favorites? My friend Lucy (of Caroline Grace Jewelry fame) and I have been salivating over those JR wedges for quite some time. It's time to make them mine! :-)

Have a Terrific Tuesday and Happy Shopping!


  1. Wow, I adore that first pair so much!

  2. LOVE the first pair! Too bad I just bought several during the Lilly Endless Summer Sale!


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