Monday, January 4, 2010

Embracing Winter Weather & Lilly Resort collection

Happy Monday night everyone! Can I tell you something?? I am COLD - baby it's freezing outside!!! We're not used to this super cold weather on the Alabama Gulf coast. It doesn't seem right! Tonight the low is going to be about 22 degrees, and like this all week. They're even calling for a chance of SNOW (70% chance, to be exact) on Thursday night. Now I know all my friends up north think I'm being a sissy about this.....but understand, I am not used to this weather anymore. When we lived in North Carolina, we experienced snow and cold and all that good stuff. We generally enjoyed it because it only happened occasionally. I'm cool with snow, once a year or so. :-)

While looking for stuff to wear the past few days, I've been so thankful that I totally embraced the Lilly Pulitzer FALL 2009 collection. Let me tell you, normally the Fall collection is my LEAST favorite (Resort always being NUMERO UNO in my book!). This year I've bought about 10 dresses from Fall, and now I'm getting a chance to use them all. My absolute favorite is the Blayney dress (which I have in 2 prints). I've also purchased the Apple dress (2 prints), Marcella tunic dress (2 prints), Sabine dress (2 prints), Jonah Dress, and last but not least the BURKE dress I'm wearing in the above photo with DH. This was taken on Saturday night, we went to dinner with my baby sister and her DH to celebrate her birthday. I LOVE the Burke dress, the print is so unique and looked great with tall black boots.

Now I'm turning my thinking to the Resort 2009 collection, and even though it's been out 60+ days already, there are some things I MUST have before they sell out! I "need" the MEMSEY dress in the "In The Slim" print. Don't you love it?

I also "need" the SHERMAN dress in "Shorley Blue Twirly" - I'm digging the blues in this collection:

These dresses, and many other resort pieces, have me dreaming of WARM weather and sunning on the beach. Could spring please get here already????

Don't forget - tomorrow night is the deadline to enter my Lilly Pulitzer New Years giveaway! Thanks as always for reading, and please keep recommending to your friends as there's ANOTHER Lilly giveaway coming when I reach 100 well as a BEAUTY giveaway next week! :-)

Stay warm everyone! XOXO, Lori


  1. Sherman is one of my favorites! I don't have any resort prints yet, but I have 3 from last year! Stay warm and have a great day!

  2. The Memsey In the Slim with the short sleeves is at the top of my Lilly wish list too! XXOO

  3. I have that dress you are wearing LOl xox


  4. Hi Lori, I'm in love with that second dress! Sorry I couldn't post about your giveaway. It's my day tomorrow. I did tweet about it though!


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