Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TORY BURCH Sale Online, and it's MAJOR

Hello Fashionistas! Today's post will be short, due to a Day #4 of a nasty migraine headache. I have placed a call to the neurologist for some new, and hopefully strong, medication!

There is a FABU sale happening over at the official Tory Burch website. You can access it HERE. They also have FREE Shipping on all the Revas - NO promo code necessary. What a great deal! Earlier today I picked out this pair of Revas (Coconut Stingray Leather Ballet Flat)

Plus a scarf that would be perfect for my Bama home games (red elephants)!!!  Sorry that picture is no longer available, grrrr.

So I put both these items in my shopping cart and walked away for a while. Shopaholic with a migraine has a tad more sense than Shopaholic sans migraine. Well I waited too long!!! They were GONE two hours later.

Of course I didn't "need" new Revas - or a Scarf - but I'm a little bummed. Be sure to check out the online sale if you're a Tory fan, but take my advice! Don't wait around if you see something you want! :-) 

Thanks as always for reading my blog, and remember to register to win the AVEDA giveaway (see yesterday's post). Please keep recommending this read, as another giveaway is coming when I reach 100 followers!

XOXO my pretty friends! Lori


  1. Oooooo! Fun! I "need" some so badly!

  2. Thanks again for the info! I just took a look and mostly size 5's left in the Reva's. Some small footed women are going to be VERY happy!


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