Wednesday, January 27, 2010

If God Didn't Give It To You, This Man CAN!

Happy Wednesday night, Fashionistas! I had such high hopes when the day started that I would declutter the didn't happen BUT the good news is that I am now "whole" again. Yep, I went to see the hair genius this afternoon!

When I moved back to Alabama, I was totally flipping out over my HAIR. See, I'm a LEO and our hair is mucho importante. When it looks bad, all bets are off. We don't even like to leave the house. Anyway, for the first few months after the move, I drove all the way to Rosemary Beach, FL to see my girl there. After doing that a few times, even I knew that driving 3 hours to get your hair done was just a "tick" outrageous, so I set out to find a local person.

Obviously the big man upstairs knew it couldn't be just anyone, so through one part recommendation and the other part luck, I found Phillip Drummond. He is WALKING hair GENIUS. Seriously. My hair is thick, long, and naturally wavy. It's a trifecta of hair issues. When I go for a full foil, cut and style (including blow dry), I'm at the salon 3-4 hours. Not many stylists can handle it, I promise you. Lucky Phillip, he gets to see me every 6 weeks. :-)

This man has worked all over the Southeast in high end salons for years. Salons in Birmingham, Atlanta, Miami and now Gulf Shores have been lucky enough to experience his talent. We always joke that when he worked in Birmingham, he had a lot of the dancers from a certain well-known "mens club" as clientele. Of course they all had long, thick and BIG hair. This obviously prepared him for my hair, although he didn't know it at the time! HAHA

I wanted to tell you all about him, because I know many of you that live in ATL, B'ham, Nashville, etc and vacation down here during the spring and summer. Many of my readers also live in the Mobile-Baldwin County area, and I just can't keep him a secret anymore. If you're looking for someone new, give Phillip a try. He doesn't even charge extra for all the LAUGHS you'll get in his chair. It is impossible to leave a Phillip visit in a bad mood!

You can reach him at 251-923-9737 to schedule an appointment.

Have a great night! Lilly sale tomorrow....

p.s. Disclosure stuff again, Phillip doesn't pay me to tell you about him. Matter of fact, I paid HIM today to make me look normal again!


  1. You're gorgeous!!! I love your hair.

  2. I agree with Bethany 100%!! I love that you were driving all the way to Rosemary Beach! It makes me feel a little better about flying to Atlanta to get my hair done the first few times when we moved here! That's one of the hardest things to give up when you move!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I am not a leo, but I am crazy about my hair!!

  4. Great picture of you & Phillip. He is great, ladies! I recently starting going to him & he does a FAB job!!

  5. Too funny, as a person who also pays to be blonde (or a lighter shade of blonde, as I like to think), I completely understand!


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