Saturday, January 30, 2010


Happy Saturday to all my preppy fashionista friends! As you know from Friday, I'm trying to get over a migraine and actually enjoy the weekend.

There is a very special event happening in my hometown today. The annual "Senior Bowl" is in Mobile, AL. Now most of you are thinking "what??" so I'll tell you all about it.

Everyone knows "the South" is well known for their love of college football. Well actually, more like their OBSESSION with college football, and especially SEC football.  All of us GRITS are proud to be a part of those traditions. GRITS = Girls Raised In The South. :-) If you're a GRITS, at the time of your birth, your parents have a favorite team and begin the indoctrination process VERY early. I'm sure there is a photo of this Shopaholic in her Univ. of Alabama cheerleader outfit somewhere around here.....

After the college football season ends (which this year my team won the national championship, Roll Tide Baby!) there is a game called the "Senior Bowl". The nation's BEST college football seniors are invited to play in the game. The players are put into teams - North vs. South.

The game is actually a week long tradition in Mobile. All of the game practices are open to the public. I can remember going to these practices with my Dad as a little girl and getting LOTS of autographs. How fun huh! I have autographs from many famous NFL coaches and now famous NFL players. One time a player gave me the chin strap piece of his football helmet after practice. Other local traditions to celebrate the game include a special Mardi Gras parade and a "Meet The Players" day at the Civic Center where you can meet, greet and get autographs until your heart is content. Provied you don't mind standing in a line about a mile long!

Note to single women out there - this is a GREAT week to be in town. Lots of available men in restaurants, bars, etc and most of them are employed by NFL teams.....Shopaholic is married to her sweetheart but I'm just offering a little advice here...... :-)

This year the game is completely SOLD OUT. That doesn't happen every year, although it always comes close to selling out. The quarterback from Univ. of Florida, Tim Tebow, is playing in this years Senior Bowl. As soon as the announcement was made that he would be here, a huge block of tickets were purchased. Speculation is he was the driving force behind the sellout.

Migraine go away, because tomorrow I'm going to the game with my Dad. Poor DH, he's on call this weekend so no fun for him. :-( The game starts at 3pm CT, and is broadcast live on the NFL Network. If you happen to see it, you might see me!

Enjoy your Saturday, hope everyone is not getting that bad nasty rain-sleet-snow mess. Stay safe!

p.s. I'll probably be the only person at the Senior Bowl wearing Lilly Pulitzer instead of collegiate gear :-)


  1. i hope your poor headache goes away! i loved learning about football via your post - my fam's not into sports, so it's very interesting!

  2. Have so much fun! I am a huge Saints fan, and I listen to Sirius NFL radio from work. They have been broadcasting live from Mobile all week. It sounds like such a great weekend to be in Mobile!!

  3. I hope you feel better for the game! Your post reminds me of my daughter at 9 months in her GA Cheerleader "uniform" - complete with pom poms!

  4. How is your headache now??? Been thinking about you all day...


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