Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer Spring Collection - My MUST HAVES

Hello my Friends! I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. We had nice weather on Sunday, but it was still COLD. (Under 50 degrees = cold to me). The cold weather has me dreaming of spring.......and the new Lilly Pulitzer Spring collection.

I have so many favorites from this collection......whoa I'm in BIG trouble here. Seriously - at least 9 dresses have made their way onto my "must have" list. I wanted to share a few of them with you and see what you think.

TWYLA DRESS - Turquoise Purrfect Paradise $278

NADJA DRESS - Hotty Pink She's a Piston $248

SHERMAN TUNIC DRESS - Turquoise Gator Alley $228

ANDOVER DRESS - Prep Green Hit the Spot $168

Like usual, I want it ALL! What are your favorites from the new collection? I neglected to mention but of course I'm getting the PANDA shift, it's another "must have".

Thanks as always for reading my blog! Keep watching, we have another GIVEAWAY coming this week....AND some SALE info coming soon.....have a great week! :-)


  1. Well... my wish list i:

    Worth Shift Pandamonium
    Worth Shift Pink Ten Ton Bouquet
    Adelson Gold Lace
    Betsey Wave Jacquard in Shorely Blue
    Blair in Hotty Pink Floral Punch
    Tori in Turquoise Alberta Gator
    Delmar in Starfruit Climbing the Ladder
    Murfee Scarf in Multi This Blooms for You
    Roe Top

    So don't feel bad... this Spring collection is just too good to resist!

  2. Love the Twyla dress! Can't wait to have some warmer weather to wear these beauties. xoxo

  3. Need to get my list together so we can compare! Ten Ton Bouquet makes my heat sing!!!!!!!! XO

  4. Loving all your picks! I am also dying for that super cute knit maxi dress!

  5. Love the Twyla, Clare, Andover, Sherman, palm tree sandals, and Del Mar dress. This collection is TDF!:)

  6. I love all your choices, especially the Andover. My favorite is the Eliot shirtdress. in Hotty Pink Floral Punch, but I may have to just get the prints. :-) I love shirtdresses in the spring/summer.

  7. Great selections! You will look great in any of them! I think the Twyla and Andover are totally presh. I'm a big fan of the Roe One Shoulder Striped Top - inspiration to tone up my arms! LOL Hope you had a great weekend, stay warm!! XOXO

  8. So cute. Lilly is my go to designer in the warm weather. xoxo


  9. Get the Sherman! I wore mine so much last summer, and I ordered the one featured on my blog today. I can't wait for it to arrive.

  10. I LOVE the Twyla & Mira jumpsuit! MUST HAVES on my list!

    XOX Sue


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