Sunday, January 9, 2011

Garnet Hill's Big Lilly Sale!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope you are enjoying a great weekend!

Have you heard about the huge sale over at Garnet Hill? (link HERE) They have drastically marked down the majority of their Lilly Pulitzer merchandise. The prices are insane...for instance - the coverlet in the above photo was on sale for $29 (king, no less, originally priced at $208). I purchased an entire set (coverlet, shams, pillow covers and the white on white bedskirt) to redecorate one of our guest bedrooms. We're about to bite off another job - painting the guest bedroom - and this will be a nice contrast to the wall color we've selected.

Other great deals include the following...

Lilly Pulitzer Juice Stand Shower Curtain, $9. Yep, you are seeing correctly. $9 and it was originally $88.

Lilly Pulitzer Cocktail Shaker & Cocktail Napkins, $3-$28. I have this cocktail shaker already, love it! Prominently displayed on our wetbar!

These prices made me stop and think - wonder if Lilly will be using another manufacturer for their bedding/bath, since the big Oxford buyout? Is that the reason for 80-90% off price reductions? no longer utilized, but corporate trained brain is in deep thought! 

Let me know if you purchased anything! I can't wait for the bedding to arrive; now I'm actually looking forward to painting! Go figure! 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


  1. I got the same bedding you mentioned, the same shower curtain, and some of the pink shams for a splash of pink on my green bed. If you use code: G9KS132 you get an extra $20 off $100 purchase. My total purchase with shipping was around $90! I can't believe it!!!

  2. You got my white on white!!! ;)

  3. Thanks for the heads up! I'm going to check it out right now!!

  4. I got the same green/white bedding: coverlet, shams, and a throw pillow, plus two shower curtains in juice stand that I'm going to make into curtains. :)

  5. p.s. I think you are right that Garnet Hill must get getting out of the LP deal somehow. I saw somewhere (you would know better than I) that LP has a new home decor/furnishings collaboration coming out this year, maybe that will replace this one.

  6. I got the set in the first image, for our master bedroom. I also got that shower curtain, and the monogrammed bedding. Cannot wait for it all to arrive. I even got some extra shams in the green print, to go with my girls' rooms, they already have the plain pink sweet pea pattern! I keep going back to the site, to see if I need anything's insane!? Can't wait to see the final product of your guest bedroom!

  7. I may have drooled a little bit over this post. Thanks for the heads up!


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