Monday, January 31, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Spring Collection Favorites - Part One

Happy Monday, Shopaholics!

Although my mood is a little foul for reasons I can't discuss here, I am absolutely drooling over lots of the new pieces of the Lilly Pulitzer Spring collection. Nothing like a little Lilly to brighten your mood!

Just a few of my favorites...

Sullivan Dress, Worth Blue Pressed, $148

Hayden Dress, Hotty Pink Paint My Petals, $258

Joy Knit Tunic, Turquoise Kissue, $98 (can't ever go wrong with a Lilly tunic)

Clare Dress, Shorely Blue Optical Confusion, $258

There are soooo many more styles and prints I'm in love with - still in the "absorb" phase here. :-)

Word to the wise: if possible, try this collection on prior to purchasing. Fit reports are coming in all over the board. Some folks think the line is running small, others are saying true to size. Personally I haven't tried anything on yet, so I can't offer any advice. Lilly's sizing can vary wildly (even within the same collection) so please take that into consideration!

Have a Marvelous Monday, hopefully I'm feeling back to my old self tomorrow!


  1. Love the Joy tunic, I did my post on Saturday and I had such a hard time deciding what to post! xoxo Jennifer

  2. Love the style of the Hayden! I REALLY want the Ricca in Calendar Girl. Must have it. Ther are also lots of cute Minnie styles, which makes my daughter happy.
    I've been trying to find a blog post or something about the fit-have you seen anything?

  3. I am sorry you are having a tough time, but I love the Lilly!

  4. You write so honestly and share bargains too. I think it's improtant to keep your blog "real" are the reason we enjoy your blog! I just realized that even though I have been reading for months, I hadn't been a "Follower"....kind of funny since that seems to be what happens with my blog...I have plenty of readers that are not officially following! I still hope that I can have as many followers as you someday!


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