True Cost of a Hunting Trip...

Happy Thursday! I had to look twice at the calendar - is it really Thursday and where has the week gone? I'm honestly not sure...

Many of you will recall, last week DH was gone to the hunting camp for several days. While he was gone, I "might" have had a wee bit too much fun ordering up some of my favorite goodies. He went back this week, but is now home. And I can pinky promise swear I have been a good girl so far. (hey, the week isn't over...don't get too excited!)

Yesterday *thank goodness* all the boxes had been disposed of, this picture was already taken, and all the new goodies were snuggled into their proper place two hours before the Mr. arrived. The only exception is our new bedding, which will be put out once the guest bedroom has been painted. Maybe I have a chance at this next month...

The Haul, or "Damages" included:

*Lilly Pulitzer Bedding Set, Bedskirt and Pillow Shams/Covers from Garnett Hill
*Tory Burch Romy flats in Turquoise from Rue La La
*Lilly Pulitzer Conrad Sweater from Persnickety Palm
*Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Top, Joy Knit Tunic, and not one but two Penelope Tunics from Village Palm. Can't forget my new LP tree skirt in "X Marks The Spot" which was promptly stored away for next year's holiday decorating
*Lilly Pulitzer Farrow Sweater Tunic from Ebay (a piece from Fall 2009 that I never managed to score in this color while it was still in season)

A few items are not pictured because they haven't arrived yet. Perhaps I will save those for another week's loot is looking skinny thus far...

Thank goodness, no one is doing the math on the "true cost" of this hunting trip. I doubt all DH's trips to Academy for hunting boots, clothing, etc. would compare. 

Here's to the employees of my local post office, they must wonder what in the world goes on around here! :-)

Have a great day!

p.s. To the readers with inquiring minds - no animals were harmed during DH's trip. He only goes for the big ones, and says he's not "mad at those deer" like he used to be.  This is something fun that he and his Father can enjoy together. Personally, I think he's a secret candidate for PETA but can't bring himself to admit it just yet...


  1. BWAHAHAHAAAAA Before I opened this post in google reader, it's EXACTLY what I thought it was going to be:) teehee

    YAY YOU! You scored my dear.....and really good & big!
    Tit for Tat....tit for tat..... ha!


  2. i should send mu husband hunting
    but he never killed a fly....

  3. Love all your goodies! I was just thinking I need to do more to thank my postwoman and UPS man, too. . . ;)

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. I love it. Love it.

    And you deserve it after all of your hard work with the renovations. This cracks me up so much.

  5. LOVE your haul! We have a lot of the same tastes. I wore my TB flats yesterday, and love them! I also got the green bedding from GH, and it's already on our bed. Not quite sure if the hubs likes it yet, but I'm thinking about some navy blue accents, and that may help change his mind. We'll see!

  6. You've been a bad, bad girl Lori but you sure do have great taste!

  7. Love it ALL!
    I bought that same bedding last week too! It is going on my bed when Spring gets here. I also bought the juice stand shower curtain for Spring!

    I also hit that Leapin' Lizards sale and the Shopaholics pages and Re-Lilly! Hee hee hee


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