Resolutions? Goals? Seriously?

Happy Tuesday! Thanks for the birthday wishes for my sister yesterday, both here and on Facebook. She was thrilled that so many of you said "Happy Birthday". Amy should be a Leo too, because she loves her birthday! :-)

Now that the new year is in full swing, have you made New Years Resolutions? Are they "official" - written down in a visible spot (like on the fridge saying "no more ice cream")? Or do you prefer the "they're in my head only" method of resolutions. Do you even call them resolutions, or are they more like "goals"?

I've always had mixed feelings about New Years resolutions. There seems to be this fascination/fixation with the whole "New Year - New You" cycle. And while I agree that a new year is a wonderful time to develop a great new habit (or kick a bad one) - it almost feels like a little too much pressure, doesn't it?

Every year I've made pretty much the same set of personal New Years resolutions, and they go something like this:

1) Lose weight. Without fail, every.single.year since I've been a teenager, this has been a resolution.
2) Shop less. Yeah - that one generally lasts until the first major Lilly sale - typically January 5-15.
3) Save $$$. See above resolution for why this is never as successful as I'd like.
4) Eat more healthy. Now, this resolution is the easiest to stick with - because I like to cook and I know how to cook healthy. I may not like the steamed veggies as much as the scalloped potatoes, but I am able to prepare them.
5) Donate goods, time or energy to a specific cause. This is pretty easy for me - and I will be blogging about it soon.

What is on your resolution list? Are you even bothering with one this year? Do you think we are just setting ourselves up to fail? And lastly, is it too much pressure?

Let me hear from you - I'm working on few projects that I hope can help us all! Have a Terrific Tuesday!


  1. Mine are the same as yours for 1 and 2. Less shopping and lose weight. My goal is to finally weigh what my drivers license has been claiming for the last 10 years! Shopping is harder- especially with all the great deals these days. Good luck and Happy New Year Lori!

  2. Goodness gracious. I have been fighting weight FOREVER. I have started eating half of what I want to eat, and it works. I leave most meals still hungry but I have lost! So, I want to lose more weight in 2011. I think that above all, I want to glorify God in all that I do. Sometimes that's easy, sometimes I glorify myself.

  3. *spend less/save more
    *lose the 10 lbs I gained last year
    *less clutter


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