Introducing Shopaholic's Kiddie Closet

Wow! I can't believe it's already Thursday. The DH has been off on a hunting trip and I've been taking care of business here at home. Yesterday I got distracted (let's face it, that doesn't take much, ADD in full swing always) and didn't finish my housework. I'll pay for that later today....ugh.

Today I have exciting news to share with you! My newest project is a consignment page on Facebook for all the mommies, expecting mothers, grandparents and aunties like me! We're all good preps here - and our children are dressed accordingly. The question is - what happens to all those clothes they outgrow? (So quickly, I might add...)

Most people do one of two things with their children's used or NWT clothing/accessories. They're either donated to a friend, family member or favorite organization OR taken to your local consignment store. As you probably have read or seen in the news, the consignment business in general has been booming since the economic slowdown.

The problem with "traditional" consignment is that you generally have no control over how your items are priced or when the store might mark them down to 50% or even 75% of their original prices. Additionally, most consignment stores only issue checks once every 30, 60 or 90 days. Even that process typically depends on how many $$'s you have to be paid. Lots of people walk away from children's consignment feeling like it wasn't even worth the effort based on the money they receive.

Shopaholic's Kiddie Closet is a solution to this problem. We are an online consignment site on Facebook (link HERE) that specializes in children's designer, preppy and high end clothing, accessories and shoes. All our listings are posted on the page into "albums" for ease of shopping. The albums are set up by gender/size to make it even easier for the buyer to find great pieces! Our listing fees are only $1 per item and it's a bargain (some children's sites on FB charge up to $3). The page is less than one week old, and we're already experiencing sales rates in the 35-40% range within one day of the listing. Amazing! And all you need to buy and sell on the page? A paypal account! Easy!

Today I'm asking for your help. Will you please, pretty please with sugar on top, head over to Facebook and "LIKE" Shopaholic's Kiddie Closet? (link again HERE) I am trying to get the page built up quickly so that our buyers have tons of listings from which to purchase, and our sellers experience high sales rates! Even if you don't have children (hey, neither do I, remember?) I would appreciate your support. If the amount of posts start to become too much, just "hide" us from your news feed but pretty please don't delete us!

Remember - I also have Shopaholic's Preppy Closet (link HERE) where you can find tons of preppy and designer clothing, shoes and accessories. Gucci, Ferragamo, St John, Lilly Pulitzer, Tory Burch, Coach and so many other brands are on the page. Wonderful new items are posted daily - and I'd love your support over there too! Who knows - you just might find a treasured piece that you "need"! :-)

Thanks for listening, as always - and for your support. There is a mean girl who is trying to take me down between the blog, Shopaholic's Preppy Closet and now Shopaholic's Kiddie Closet. I'm stronger than that though, and refuse  to allow it to happen! 

Have a wonderful day and stay warm!


  1. I LOVE it. I have already "Like"-d it on FB and have already made 2 purchases! It's so fabulous. You know I have a Granddaughter on the way!! Her wardrobe will be just fabulous ;-) thanks to Shopaholic's Kiddie Closet! Thank you so much! xoxo

  2. I love your blog! I just found it today. I am new to blogging, and just started last week so I have a lot to learn. I decided to do it after a bad day withe children as a little present to myself. It's always something I wanted to do, but never got around to it. I'm having fun, and I now love reading other things.

    I have a lot to learn, and need some mentors because I don't know how to do one thing with my template yet.

    But, in the meantime, I'll enjoy reading your blog, and you will certainly help me get more fashion sense.

    I, too, love Lilly, but these days, my one year old has more of it than me.

    Regards, Leigh


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